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I shout out playlists on my instagram


I shout out playlists on my instagram

my instagram is @spotify_playlist_curators just hit 400 followers

Share your spotify playlist and instagram with me and I will shout you out!

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chill sleepy lesbian indie rock vibes - my instagram is lou_fallon !

This is a cool Playlist, nice vibes, new Art..Check this out easy on the ears..

Hii! My instagram and spotify username is @amndanaomi and I really appreciate it if u would check my playlist out!


Hi there, here are my playlists for sharing, they are mostly sort by decade~


90's rock music playlist


90's playlist, with R&B and Pop classic hits


80's rock music playlist, mostly hard rock and metal


another 80's playlist, with hits pop songs and some dance/electro music


70's rock playlist, with many classic long songs


70's playlist, mostly pop/soul hits


playlist with all the oldies from 50's 60's, mostly traditional pop and vocal jazz


00's playlist, songs that people born in the 90's grew up with, high school's memories


chill playlist, with jazz and bossa nova songs for you to relax


I made a playlist for the people with high-functioning depression. I hope it will bring some comfort for people who are struggling. 

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