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Hey everybody! 

I'm a music enthusiast always searching for new indie/alternative tracks and playlists. If you are too, then this is the place for you to discover, share and indulge in some good music. Here for some recommendations? I'd love if you'd be able to take a look at some of my playlists, I've linked one down below (my pride and joy to be exact). Feel free to share some of yours too!


Cheers 🙂 





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Track Submission - I'm working with NYC alternative-rock band Scarlet Sails to promote their pop-rock feel-good anthem "Upside Down". It's a song dedicated to letting go and moving on. With the powerful and dynamic focus of lead singer Olya Viglione and drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails), this track is a must-listen! For Fans Of: Blondie, The Killers, Jet, Oasis, Garbage, Queen
Genres: alternative rock, pop rock, pop

Alt rock band from Edinburgh, UK. 'Bonfires' EP released this week. Cheers


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I recently released a hard rock cover of The Kinks classic hit song “Lola.


Lola (Kinks Cover)


Hope you enjoy it and add to one of your playlists. 


Thanks for supporting independent music,




Hope you like this, catchy melodies and upbeat guitar 







Id love to feature on your playlist. Hope you like the track....


Thanks very much


The Sad Machines 



I recently released a rock cover of The Kinks classic hit song “Lola"

and an upbeat rockin road-trip tune titled “Down to the Keys.” 


 Lola - (Kinks Cover by Drew Barrett)


Down to the Keys


Hope you enjoy them and add to your playlist. 


Thanks for supporting independent music,




Hello all, 


I recently released a unique hard rock cover of The Kinks classic hit song “Lola"

and a guitar-driven anti-war tune "Without Peace and Love."

 Lola (Kinks Cover)  

Without Peace and Love

Hope you enjoy them and add one or both to your playlist/s. 


Thanks for supporting independent music,




Thanksssssss, it is awesome 

Nice playlist man!

have a listen to this album, I think you may like it


Hey, you may like this. 

Every Monday I select 30 great tunes, some classic, others hidden gems, and many new songs recently released. The songs are based on recommendations by publications like Q magazine, Pitchfork, and NME (that I happen to read).
Every Monday the previous 30 songs are replaced by new ones!

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Hey, great playlist!

We think you'd like our band, Wet Jeans... we hope you'll take a listen and we hope you like it!




My very first release so I hope you enjoy the song

Here’s my december playlist


I also recommend you to check out these guys if you’re looking for something new and interesting!

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