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Indie/Alternative Rock


Indie/Alternative Rock

This is my first playslist that I share here. I hope you like it.





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Nice. Classic Mando Diao, good tune.

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Thank you for this playlist, I love these songs ! 

Hailing from San Francisco, Sit Kitty Sit are a back-to-basics rock duo that carry a whole new sound to the table.

Hey!! really nice list!! here I introduce you a band I love it. I wish and hope you like it and be part of your list 🙂 ❤️

Best wishes!!

Alex Garriga

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Please consider my indie rock track 'It's The Weekend'

Awesome playlist! You should check out Yanni's latest release based on what you're currently listening to

thank you for this!! I love the strokes!! I recommend checking out the growlers and tame impala! they are both great bands that I think you would like!

Great playlist! You should check out this track by Yanni, it totally fits in the vibes of the other songs on your playlist!

Hey guys! I’m a fan of one such an amazing and talented alternative rock band named Kerbera. This band is from Sweden. Kerbera made goal to reach 10k followers on Instagram. What you need to do is to search them on Instagram and click “follow”, if you don’t have Instagram, you can upload app and found Kerbera there. Also ask all your friends to do the same thing and let’s help Kerbera to reach goal! Here is the link for their Instagram profile:

"La + Rockera" is a playlist with a selection by team of Xobe Records Bj Medios and El Garage Presenta, you will find alternative metal, rock, ska, indie, punk and pop join with mexican talents. Follow us


Based off of the playlist you shared I totally think you should check out this album of indie/rock covers that was just released! Vibes are chill and each of the tracks sounds true to the original with a unique spin! Give it a listen and let me know what you think 🙂

Here's my Indie playlist ... or atleast what I listen to and consider Indie haha.  Pretty broad genre!

Nice! Thanks for this post. I needed to update my Indie playlist. 

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