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Indie Japanese Rock/Pop Playlist


Indie Japanese Rock/Pop Playlist

Just thought I would share this music for this quarantine, I decided to clean up the songs I saved and created a playlist out of it to share. Feel free to post similar playlists here too!

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i am soooo in love with this playlist!! the version of plastic love by friday night plans is on that i havent heard before. the one i am more familiarized with is the one by mariya takeuchi.
do you listen to city pop? i highly recommend taking a listen to some songs from tatsuro yamashita. i love him to death!!!!
anyways,, i gave your playlist a follow 🙂
this playlist of mine isnt japanese funk or anything like that but it is very synth heavy
maybe you'd like it! ^^

kitsuwu, I gave your playlist a follow, there's some really good stuff in there. Really loving it. I didn't know that the original song for Plastic Love is from the 80s... crazy. I'm listening to the original now! 🙂

aw thank you for following it 😄
but yeah the original is from the 80s and its absolutely amazing! mariya takeuchi is actually tatsuro yamashita's wife!!! its pretty crazy since i think they were the biggest artists in the city pop scene in japan back in the day. i like to refer to them as the city pop king and queen haha

I've got a very similar playlist for Indie Japanese Rock/Pop! It's about 13 hrs long, and could maybe use cleanup, but same vibes!

im loving it!! i have a similar one too! i get so happy seeing others that listen to japanese indie/rock on here haha. i made this one like 2 years ago but also recently updated and cleaned up. im still trying to add to it. hope you like it. thanks for sharing yours!


I recommend you listening to Masayoshi Takanaka, he has a very entertaining and beautiful composed music

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