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Indie Rock


Indie Rock

An Indie Rock playlist, current to what's popular and what's going on underground.

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New Music Added, fulfills all your basic indie needs in one spot.  Feel free to comment song links to add !

Yes, thank you!

@baileypoe love your playlist! 10/10

Hey Rachel! 

   The Petals would be a great addition!

Hey Rachel,


Be sure to check out 'Fond of Rudy' for your indie rock playlist, think would suit very well.



This one isn't all indie rock, but it has such good variety and is legit such a vibe: 

@valeediazz i love your playlist i will definitely follow! It’s great that you have some sprouts and giant rooks in it. I’m a huge fan of both and not everybody knows them because they are from germany :))

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