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Instrumental Thrash Metal

Instrumental Thrash Metal

I like Thrash metal music but the vocals can be too much screaming some times.

So I have collected a large list of (to my taste) good instrumental songs that I found on Spotify:

Bra Instrumental Thrash - 171 tracks currently


The list above contains selected songs from the raw list with all the instrumental Thrash/Death songs I have found on Spotify:

Instrumental Thrash/Death/Jazz - 1091 tracks currently


I made a program that searched all Thrash (+19'000) and Death (+29'000) bands on for songs with lyrics set to "Instrumental", so please note that there is a big job behind creating them!



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I'm a bit late in saying this but thanks for sharing with the community!



Hi, I know this really late, but have you heard of Anthrax? They don't have a gravely screamy vocalist in most of their songs.

Thanks! Love Thrash vocals, but was looking for instrumentals to do work to 🙂

Amazing work thanks guy


Hi 🙂

Maybe you'll like the thrash metal band Mortuary for your playlist. They played at the Hellfest Festival this year and just released a reissue of their latest album!

If you're featuring them on a playlist, please let me know so we can share the news on our social networks 😄

We recently released an old school thrash album and the singer has a higher pitch voice and is less harsh and more understandable than a lot of thrash... but he can scream a little too.  Maybe you will enjoy it!



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A little blunt and stifling there Katerina. Also, your link is “access denied” so where’s the thread we’re supposed to use?

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