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Interstellar - for space travelers only


Interstellar - for space travelers only

Journey to distant galaxies with this collection of dynamic space themed tracks...

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Great collection, and thanks for featuring our track! 🙂 
(Mindseye & Dr. Rinkel - Stellar)

Haven’t heard a lot of these, nice tho, thanks for sharing!

This is super cool. Really dig the space theme idea, and it flows nicely!

Nice playlist and nice theme! I made some discoveries here.


I have a short intrumental that may fis if you like it:



I have something here for ya'll. The book/s that I made it for has to to with Mars and being out in space. That's why I picked some of the Kitaro songs for this playlist. The ones that have that sound, for sure, are:

 3. Cosmic Wave

 6. Estrella

 7. Milky Way

 8. Del Mar

 10. Flight

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Me gustó tu propuesta, así que ahora la estoy siguiendo, te invito a escuchar la lista de reproducción que propongo para viajar a alfa centauri y si te gusta ¡siguela!

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