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Is there a Ryhme or reason to how you organized your playlists?


Is there a Ryhme or reason to how you organized your playlists?

Hello Spotify Community!!! 


Who here also has a lot of playlists??

Or maybe you don't have many now.. but, plan to have a plethora of playlist in the future. 


My question is, How do you organize your playlists?

Do you care to organize them at all? Are your titles themed, do you add pics to help you navigate the profile, or are your descriptions (on the playlist) helpful? None of the above?

  • Answer with a song or playlist that describes your personal profile cultivator style🎶
  • Explain your answer 📝


I'll go first...


My profile is organized by different colors, shades, and tints. Each playlist has a color as it's title & pic. The colors relate to the theme, genre or both, usually in a punny way and it's all explained within the descriptions.   


Thanks y'all!

Can't wait to see your responses!!



6 Replies

Hello there!

I'm completely new to Spotify, so these are exactly the questions I'm struggling with right now 😄

Organized? Well, I'm trying...

One of my playlists joins artists I've met on BandLab, in other cases I follow more region and style criteria.

Lets see how others do...

Hello Jazzzyhands!


Your profile and playlists are great, followed!


Yes, there's intention behind my profile and I take a lot of care in curating my playlists. Asthetics are important (colours of playlist covers), but I also have a special interest in transitions and mixing songs on a 12s crossfade. Here's my profile and a few of my playlists - enjoy!

  1. Love it!! You can really tell that you put a lot of care into your playlists and profile! Not only that but your Art.. 😍 your photos are Spectacular!! I love how you used them on the playlist pic. I'm following on Spotify & IG too now ❤️ Thank you so much for sharing your awesomeness 

You're awesome too!! ❤️ Your Spotify & IG profiles are brilliant, so happy to have discovered this post and connected! Looking forward to sharing music with you 🥰

Welcome to the Spotify Vanoshka! You're off to a great start. You got some fun and funky jams on there! 

Thanks for sharing 

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