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Jazz / Blues playlists. Share yours below!


Jazz / Blues playlists. Share yours below!

Jazz?? Oh give me.

Mine's below, don't worry it's not all Sinatra 🙂


Feel free to tell me what you think and share your own favorites/playlists if you'd like!

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Smooth out your day with 70+ hours of the best Smooth Jazz instrumentals, the music that feels like you're on vacation

Here is mine, a playlist to unwind, and zone out of the madness thst is life and into the craz remed of jazz, featuring songs fro mall across the genre, updated weekly. Hope you enjoy!

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Hi - Just discovering this forum. Thanks for posting about jazz/blues. I'm a musician in NYC and the co-founder of Chant Records. Our music covers a pretty wide spectrum, but definitely a lot in the jazz category. Check it out below and follow if you like it 🙂

thank you all for these, im trying to learn more and more about these genres so i will listen to all these playlists. I have been collecting variuos classics into a playlist of my own, so please tell me how im doing for now!!!!!

Here it goes.... 

bluesy/jazzy on Spotify 

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