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[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.


[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.

Hey guys,


In this thread i wanted to share my jazz playlists with you.


The first time i heard about jazz was in an interview with Radiohead. They mentioned Bitches Brew by Miles Davis as one of their inspirations. I bought the cd in 1997 but was shocked with the music. Its weird rhythms, harmonies (or lack of) and no song structure. I was used listening to alternative rock like Radiohead and Dinosaur Jr.


In 1998 i was going to concerts alot and my curiosity led me to a jam session in a jazz club. There were four people playing, drums, bass, piano and saxophone. It was then i heard and saw the magic of jazz. They were improvising arround a standard theme and they were really enjoying the jam. Creating 'new' music as they were playing. Since that day i understood what jazz was, but it still took me some more years to finally appreciate Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.


If you want to read more about jazz i can recommend this website:


And now for some jazz playlists i have created, enjoy:

1. Funky Jazz 2. Fusion Jazz from Poland 3. Spiritual Jazz / Free Jazz 4. Cool Jazz inspired by Miles Davis 5. Melancholic Jazz







I hope you find something of your liking here and i'm looking forward to seeing your jazz playlists!




My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

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Free Jazz Collective 5 Star Albums




This Playlist is for every Album that got a 5-Star review at,a blog dedicated to improvised music. Some Albums are not available at Spotify at the moment, I'll add them as soon as they show up.


Dark Jazz




My personal selection of favorite Dark Jazz songs, featuring Bohren & der Club of Gore, Jimmy Scott,  Miles Davis etc.



Jazz 2015




Favorite Jazz Albums 2015, regularly updated. Free Jazz/Modern Jazz/Avantgarde.



My Spotify Playlists:

A piano jazz playlist. Not the kinda jazz that is played on cruise-ships and lounge bars but more sophisticated and skilled:



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

I have had a love affair with Jazz and Blues for a few years now. 

Few days ago I compiled a Playlist of Jazz tracks that I called Take Five.

@Yakkus: Thanks for sharing. I see you also added some jazzy hiphop in the list, good choice!

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever





Favorite Jazz Albums featuring the Vibraphone/Marimba. Old and new releases.


Jazz Not Jazz




Fringes of Jazz / Jazz - Rock / Electro-Acoustic Improvisation etc.

My Spotify Playlists:

Great thread and playlists so far! really enjoying that Jazz piano.


heres my collection which varies greatly in styles and time periods. Enjoy!




Link to my Spotify profile MaynardMonster

@MaynardMonster Thanks for your feedback and your playlist. I really like the freddie hubbard track! A great addition for my inspired by miles playlist.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Ugghhh.. Hate it when songs aren't available in my region, But the ones that are... WOW !!! Nice job jazz !!! And same to everyone else who contributed, Jazz has sadly been a genre i haven't explored much, Just never could find a good enough jumping off point !! But this covers that... 🙂 Thanks everyone !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

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Picking Up Where i Left Off.



I am no jazz specialist but from time to time, I listen to some.
Here's what I came up with. Enjoy!

@german24fps i liked the argentina jazz playlist. Really original! And found a cool band on it: 



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Thanks @Jazzwhatever, here we have a great jazzy ambient!!!!

Hey all -- Didn't see this thread before I posted the below on it's own. Thanks Jazzwhat Ever and everyone for sharing their lists.


I had fun putting this playlist together with a focus on bass and melody. So much fun that I wrote a fanzine called Monger about how I discovered the songs. Later, I turned the fanzine into a blog.


Songs include numbers by Wayne Shorter, Kristen Korb, Christian McBride with Dee Dee Bridgewater, Herbie Hancock and Brian Cruse. A song or two push the boundaries of the definition of jazz, but I'm okay with that because all of the songs are by musicians who play jazz. Most of the songs are original compositions by the artists but there are a few modern takes of standards thrown in the mix. One of the arrangements, Nightlight, is a cover of hip hop group Aesop Rock. Joe Jackson makes the list with a track from his work covering Duke Ellington. Hope you enjoy listening to the list as much as I did making it. Bienvenidos!


@Jim_Johns Thanks for sharing your list. It got an original selection on it. Only thing, it could be longer. But thats personal, i like bigger lists on which i can discover more artists. And i enjoyed reading a bit of your blog. Well done!

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

@jazzwhatever Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

I like the hip hop beats mixed in with the straight up jazz. Sounds good!

Newly released and rereleased Jazz LP's 


also some Soul and House releases 

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