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[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.


[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.

Hey guys,


In this thread i wanted to share my jazz playlists with you.


The first time i heard about jazz was in an interview with Radiohead. They mentioned Bitches Brew by Miles Davis as one of their inspirations. I bought the cd in 1997 but was shocked with the music. Its weird rhythms, harmonies (or lack of) and no song structure. I was used listening to alternative rock like Radiohead and Dinosaur Jr.


In 1998 i was going to concerts alot and my curiosity led me to a jam session in a jazz club. There were four people playing, drums, bass, piano and saxophone. It was then i heard and saw the magic of jazz. They were improvising arround a standard theme and they were really enjoying the jam. Creating 'new' music as they were playing. Since that day i understood what jazz was, but it still took me some more years to finally appreciate Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.


If you want to read more about jazz i can recommend this website:


And now for some jazz playlists i have created, enjoy:

1. Funky Jazz 2. Fusion Jazz from Poland 3. Spiritual Jazz / Free Jazz 4. Cool Jazz inspired by Miles Davis 5. Melancholic Jazz







I hope you find something of your liking here and i'm looking forward to seeing your jazz playlists!




My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

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Interesting collection of jazz playlists on Spotify you have. Good artwork.

My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

So nice you enjoyed my jazz playlists.
Your playlists are also awesome.

Hello, I follow this playlist

London Jazz - The New Generation. 

I made this playlist because I really dig the fresh sounds coming from London’s new jazz scene! Jazz influenced by hip hop, rnb, electronic and more

Great! So many bands I don’t know. Creative tunes. Thank you 🙏 ☺️.

i really love soft jazz; there's something about the soothing ambience of jazz that makes it such an enjoyable easy-listening niche of music. in this playlist, i try to diversify the range of soft jazz, but there's plenty of classics there too!

i hope you find something that you like! ❤️


This new playlist is actually my fifth, but this is my first time leaving one here.


If you like dark, noir and ambient jazz I will be glad if you check it

Mix of my favorite tunes from London’s vibrant new jazz scene.


London Jazz 

this is my jazz playlist: 

it has new jazz music too. enjoy!

Thanks for sharing. Here's my slow jazz playlist:


Hi Jazzwhatever! Could you insert this artist in your playlist? She is a very talented a great singer. Tell me what do you think. Thank you.


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