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[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.


[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.

Hey guys,


In this thread i wanted to share my jazz playlists with you.


The first time i heard about jazz was in an interview with Radiohead. They mentioned Bitches Brew by Miles Davis as one of their inspirations. I bought the cd in 1997 but was shocked with the music. Its weird rhythms, harmonies (or lack of) and no song structure. I was used listening to alternative rock like Radiohead and Dinosaur Jr.


In 1998 i was going to concerts alot and my curiosity led me to a jam session in a jazz club. There were four people playing, drums, bass, piano and saxophone. It was then i heard and saw the magic of jazz. They were improvising arround a standard theme and they were really enjoying the jam. Creating 'new' music as they were playing. Since that day i understood what jazz was, but it still took me some more years to finally appreciate Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.


If you want to read more about jazz i can recommend this website:


And now for some jazz playlists i have created, enjoy:

1. Funky Jazz 2. Fusion Jazz from Poland 3. Spiritual Jazz / Free Jazz 4. Cool Jazz inspired by Miles Davis 5. Melancholic Jazz







I hope you find something of your liking here and i'm looking forward to seeing your jazz playlists!




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just checked your music. I like it. Have already added some titles to this particular PL.


Maybe you like my music as well and add some tunes...

Great! I will I have a modern jazz piano trio playlist myself 😉 👍👍.

Thanks a lot,

I don't really listen to Jazz, not that I dislike it (at least for most of it), but I have a little Jazz playlist that y'all might like for the coming months. I did listen to bits of songs on the first playlist. They were pretty good. I hope that I will check more into the genre, especially the particular Jazz that in the playlist. This may not be what y'all consider real Jazz, but see if you like it, and read the description.


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My MELANCHOLIC DARK JAZZ playlist is growing, updated often, check it out here:


Hi dedelandia,


I hope this tune is fine for your playlist.




Hey @MadmanOnWheels thanks for sharing. Indeed not a typical jazz playlist! Really smooth, sweet and silky. I liked the paul hardcastle track. I'm mostly listening to obscure jazz from mongolia, so a popular classic once in a while can't hurt.


This would be a good fit, or is it too jazzy? 🙂

Quincy Jones Summer in the City 


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@ dedelandia : thanks for sharing. I hate to say it, but the playlist is a copy of another (Playlist Factory) and you mixed it with your own songs Daniel Diaz. I see you are a longtime musician and i know it's hard to make money these days for musicians. But i hope you will be a bit more original in making your playlists. Happy playlisting!


Film Noir Playlist Factory 



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Hey, Jazzwhatever


It's a quit different kind of jazz than the kind that's on my playlist. Also, part of my method of making playlists (at least for the most part) is picking songs by names that have the right sound (and lyrics, if applicable). That title doesn't fit, since it's got the opposite season in it. Thanks for the suggestion, though. I'm glad that you found something that you like, on my playlist.

I never knew that people in Mongolia would even listen to Jazz. What does their jazz sound like?

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Alright, then i didnt get the idea of your playlist. 🙂 i think i meant a different song, roy ayers, my life in the sunshine. And the comment about mongolia was a joke.

What i meant was, i mostly only listen to obscure bands from the 60s and 70s. And sometimes i forget to listen to the classics!

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I’m loving the new London jazz scene right now. Sounds are super fresh.


Jazz Trumpet playlist updated regularly!


Bringing the new and old artist!


playlist cover updated monthly.

This jazz playlist is based on musicians with the potential to shape the genre according to Downbeat Magazine (November 2020): 



Downbeat - 25 for the future 


Enjoy it.

Obscure Modern Jazz . 2015 to Now


A collection of new undiscovered jazz bands from all around the world. Obscure means less than 15k streams per song. Fusion / Avantgarde / Jazztronica / Spiritual /


Obscure Modern Jazz / 2015 to Now 

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Hi this is my last cd. Hope you Will like for your playlist




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