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[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.


[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.

Hey guys,


In this thread i wanted to share my jazz playlists with you.


The first time i heard about jazz was in an interview with Radiohead. They mentioned Bitches Brew by Miles Davis as one of their inspirations. I bought the cd in 1997 but was shocked with the music. Its weird rhythms, harmonies (or lack of) and no song structure. I was used listening to alternative rock like Radiohead and Dinosaur Jr.


In 1998 i was going to concerts alot and my curiosity led me to a jam session in a jazz club. There were four people playing, drums, bass, piano and saxophone. It was then i heard and saw the magic of jazz. They were improvising arround a standard theme and they were really enjoying the jam. Creating 'new' music as they were playing. Since that day i understood what jazz was, but it still took me some more years to finally appreciate Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.


If you want to read more about jazz i can recommend this website:


And now for some jazz playlists i have created, enjoy:

1. Funky Jazz 2. Fusion Jazz from Poland 3. Spiritual Jazz / Free Jazz 4. Cool Jazz inspired by Miles Davis 5. Melancholic Jazz







I hope you find something of your liking here and i'm looking forward to seeing your jazz playlists!




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Large playlist with over a 1000 tracks selected from or inspired by Kev Beadle's radio show

A lot of the songs by A Tribe Called Quest and the Beastie Boys that I like sampled jazz tracks. So I dug around and with the help of WhoSampled, I pulled together this list.

I figured i might as well post some of my favorite jazz tunes 🙂 

Great idea!  I'm an old rock and roller. but I like blues and jazz a great deal.  I always loved the sax in the American rock from the late 50's into the 60s.  After the British Invasion, it seemed to fall out of favore (except for the Dave Clark 5).  I started becoming more aware of jazz in college, and after graduation I moved to San Diego for a time. One day in a record store I decided to eschew the rock section and bought a Della Reese album (on Strings of Blue) and a 3 LP album called The Saxophone (Impulse! - ASH-9253-3).  Loved them both and started exploring from there.


My new list, and my offering for your listening and dancing pleasure, starts with two by my favorite ever tenor, Coleman Hawkins. Then I duplicate most of the tracks I like from the above mentioned 3 record album, ending with Encontros by Gato Barbieri, my favorite living tenor. Then I jump into a mish mash of tunes I like. The list isn't huge, but I'll probably add to it.





@ngcart Hey, thanks for sharing your list. Looks like a great album, The Saxophone. I love the impulse label alot. Especially the music from Pharoah Sanders: spotify:artist:3JLUCojZaHrX2LaUkSj7Ud.

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Here's some of my jazz favorites. I'm a better (less atrocious) clarinet player than I am a saxophone player, which would explain my gravitation towards Goodman-esque early big band. Thanks for listening, and enjoy!

My Jazz Favorites


Call it whatever you want; spiritual, free, modal, fire music, post-bop, fusion, black classical...yeah, that. I've slowly been putting together this constantly growing 40+ hour playlist for a year or so comprised mostly of material beginning from the late 50's through mid 70's made up from some of the more creative corners of the jazz universe with some canon touchstones mixed in. This used to be a sequenced mix, but as Spotify overlords giveth, so Spotify overlords taketh away tracks, so I just started adding as I went along with the thought of hitting shuffle and creating a new listening experience every time I started it. Hope someone gets some enjoyment out of it and gets to hear something new. 


A Joyful Noise (Further Listening In Jazz; Spiritual, Free, Modal, Fire Music, Post-Bop, Fusion, Bla...


@RoyMata Looks really good! I can seem some resemblance with my playlists!

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All along I wanted Monger No. 1 to have an international flavor. Something like a U.N. Jazz Ensemble. The first "edition" didn't come close and it isn't there yet. But now the playlist clocks in at 3 hours long and it is moving in the right direction.


My desire to go global is not dissatisfaction with the parochial but a curiosity about the distant. Astronomers search for distant galaxies. The NSA likes to poke through the phone calls of, well, everybody. I search for jazz that I like and put ones that are a good fit in the Monger 1 playlist. Everyone needs a hobby.


These additions are by artists from Sweden, South Africa, Italy, France, Denmark and more. Finding them is almost easy. It does take time. Clues float through the river of Twitter. Carsten Lindholm appeared in the flow and led me into his music and other Scandinavian artists. Treasures can be found in the vast terrain of Spotify. That is where I found Henri Texier, Abdullah Ibrahim, Ulf Wakenius and others. The international jazz day website sponsored by the U.N. pointed me toward artists that were new to me. In the future, maybe the search will come to me.


Wikileaks may release secret government communiques with scintillating details about the jazz preferences of Angela Merkel. U.N. Peacekeepers may be joined by the jazz ensemble from the U.N., the Jazzkeepers, wearing their light blue berets, deployed to the strife-ridden hot spots around the world, bringing people together through music. Broadcast reporters would be at the scene, providing commentary about the situation on the ground as the rhythm section vamped.


Blessed are the peacekeepers, they will be called children of God.


Blessed are the jazz keepers, they will make music for all.

@Jim_Johns Check out Roy Mata's playlist, i dug up some treasures there:



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Treasures indeed! This week I was listening to Roy Mata's playlist while I was at work. 

Hey guys,


Found a cool jazz funk & fusion playlist, it's a compact 70s Jazz Funk themed playlist.


Jazz 70, An Orientation:



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@arneux Thanks for sharing. A comment; the theme is too big late night jazz, nu jazz, funky jazz. I would make one list per theme. Now it's a bit of eveything. Goodluck with it.

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 ok, sorry. The next list will be more compact or more specifically 🙂

Hey Yall,


Here's a few playlists focusing on the 50s jazz scene. 


Jazz Masterpieces 1950-54

A Study in Jazz 1955-56

Colossal Jazz 1957-58

The Shape of Jazz 1959


Let me know if I'm missing anything or of any songs that should be switched.



@cutoffs Thanks for sharing. I guess your lists are a work in progress. About Jazz masterpieces; 15 songs doesn't make a good playlist and then 3 songs by thelonious 3 by charlie parker. Anyway, i like the theme, but if you put some more time in it, it could be better. These are just sketches.

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Indeed! I created these playlists merely as entry points to great Jazz
Albums from each of the stated periods. It's really a playlist that will
evolve, though I'm looking to keep the entire playlist under two hours.
I'm definitely searching to fill this out more extensively. Any
suggestions would be appreciated. Also, any song switches from within the
albums would also be sweet to consider.

If you type Jazz 50 in the search box you can find some more playlists with 50s jazz. I haven't listened to them, but there might be more songs. Another way to find more songs is to check the recordlabel. Search:  label:"Labelname"  and you can find related albums.

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