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[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.


[Jazz] Post your Jazz Playlists in here.

Hey guys,


In this thread i wanted to share my jazz playlists with you.


The first time i heard about jazz was in an interview with Radiohead. They mentioned Bitches Brew by Miles Davis as one of their inspirations. I bought the cd in 1997 but was shocked with the music. Its weird rhythms, harmonies (or lack of) and no song structure. I was used listening to alternative rock like Radiohead and Dinosaur Jr.


In 1998 i was going to concerts alot and my curiosity led me to a jam session in a jazz club. There were four people playing, drums, bass, piano and saxophone. It was then i heard and saw the magic of jazz. They were improvising arround a standard theme and they were really enjoying the jam. Creating 'new' music as they were playing. Since that day i understood what jazz was, but it still took me some more years to finally appreciate Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.


If you want to read more about jazz i can recommend this website:


And now for some jazz playlists i have created, enjoy:

1. Funky Jazz 2. Fusion Jazz from Poland 3. Spiritual Jazz / Free Jazz 4. Cool Jazz inspired by Miles Davis 5. Melancholic Jazz







I hope you find something of your liking here and i'm looking forward to seeing your jazz playlists!




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Today is International Jazz Day. A playlist of contemporary musicians, not necessarily household names, mostly playing in small combos. To the extent possible, I included artists from around the world.

It's international Jazz day don't you know, so listen to some here.. Solar to Fusion


close to 200 tracks that were played in a small club no ones ever heard of for a few 100 dancers, for a couple of years, and of course 1000's of more people over the years in a different context.


If you've only got an hour or so to celebrate International Jazz Day, a new bi weekly updated mixtape I've started 


>>> Jazz mixtape, Jazz Fusion, Jazz Funk, Nu Jazz, and lots more

@camilaml I didn't know Amy Winehouse was jazz. Would be nice if you put a little more passion in that list. This one doesn't make sense.

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@Shake-a-Hoof Nice mixtape, good selection. I prefer more than 15 songs, but it's a good list to give a quick listen!

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@jazzwhatever Amy Winehouse is jazz maybe not the ost obvious form of jazz but definitely still falls under the realm. I added a couple more songs "with passion" from more obvious and classicly jazz artists... Mind checking it out and telling me what u think 🙂 thanks for the feedback

@camilaml Can you make a Jazzy Amy Winehouse inspired playlist then? That would be really interesting to listen to. What i mean is, i like to see original creative jazz playlists. There doesn't have to be any classic jazz in it. But the first list you posted was just 3,4 albums in a list, that's just lazy and not creative.


Offtopic : Amy Winehouse could be jazz, i think it's more soul pop. But that's your view.



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This is a great idea! I love Jazz & have a ton of Jazz playlists to share. I'll start with... It highlights my favorite Jazz Funk from bands active now, with new songs plus plenty from the last several years.


Also, read my blog post because it has some more Spotify playlists in it, as well as lots of links & videos pointing you to remarkable resources for getting more into joyful Jazz.

yeah that would be quite fun actually. And yeah i understand what u mean its just those albums inspired me to make a jazz playlist os  they were the first to be on it and there quite a few songs from them.




@FunkishAudio Link you posted not working, do you want to have a look what's wrong 


edit - link on playlist icon works, so no need 

@FunkishAudio Thanks for sharing your list. 14 songs is too few for a good list, so it would be nice if you could add some more. I really liked the first song. Funky fusion with great solo's. Anyway, i will follow your list, i hope you will add some more new jazz funk soon! Also, i liked your blog post. Do you get much or any feedback on it? Bytheway, the 2nd song on your list was a rework of this jazz funk killer, but i guess you knew that 🙂 


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Hey guys,


I created a new jazz playlist today. Actually it was a work in progress for several months like all my playlists. Good things take time 🙂 The list was inspired on the German MPS label. A famous jazz label from the 60s and 70s. I also made a label Spotlight of it here:



So the new playlist is called Deutsch Jazz 70 : Jazz From Germany 60s 70s. It contains jazz funk, fusion, bop, spiritual and space jazz from germany from the golden era: the 60s and 70s (in my view). I have several other playlists called Sverige 70, Czech & Slovak 70. I try to collect certain genres from the 70s per country. You can check out the other ones on my profile. But here's the jazz playlist:



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@ Cool, I'm glad you dig the playlist! I like to make them about an hour each. So here is another Jazz Funk playlist with mostly older stuff and some new Jazz cats too...


My blog is pretty new, so no, I don't get much feedback on it. Thanks for being the first to comment!


I'm glad you put this thread together, and pay attention to it 🙂

Vibrajazz. Something I never thought to seek out!

One rule listen from begin to end no skips....thus jazz playlist is about the struggle a strength and beauty of women

@hannssolo Thanks for sharing! Good selection of songs. Don;t know why the same song is in there 3 times, maybe as an interlude kind of thing. I don't really understand the theme, "the strength, struggle and beauty of women". It doesn't make sense because all songs are instrumentals, so i guess its meant poetic or as a joke. Or to spark interest from women to follow this list 😛


Anyway, wellmade playlist!

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