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Just one amazing song to listen to if you're feeling a bit down :)


Just one amazing song to listen to if you're feeling a bit down :)

This is not a post for a playlist, but rather one track I just wanted to share if you're feeling a bit sad or lonely.. it will make you feel better 😄

BTW, it's an EDM track 🙂

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Hi, I loved that song:) I'm attaching one of my playlists which contains a lot of songs that might even get you hyped when you're down. Please check it out!


r&b and rap


Yay glad you liked it!

Thanks for sharing your playlist too 😄

That song had me rockin almost to the point of crackin 🤣

No shortage but this is the one that started playing in my head after i read, i guess it's "melodic metalcore"

LOL nice reference 🤣

Will check out your track too haha 😄

Tynon, it also seems like you have a similar music taste to me so I've followed you on Spotify! I hope it's the correct one!! 😄


Indeed, they wouldnt let me have my _ in the app but you got me! I hope you wont regret it, quite a few curveballs if you go digging 😅 Thanks, i followed a couple of your lists.

Here's another for the prompt, is more heavy and a better indicator of my general preference.

Yeah great song, this is also a playlist with more hardstyle xD

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