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LGBT Pride Playlist


LGBT Pride Playlist

Here is my playlist full of LGBT pride tunes! Hope you enjoy guys! Which songs should I add to the playlist?

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Love this. Especially the art. Have you heard "Rebel babe" by lgbt artist Lucy & La Mer? It's a banger. Happy pride month!

Its also on itunes, google play, spotify, apple music and more


For the post above, i thought when i click reply on another post someone posted on topic it goes to them


Im guessing that this is all women artists, if so here is a great one whos album just dropped yesterday i and think this would be a great song to add to your playlist if not all of them off the album

I love your pride playlist! Would you please consider adding Copyslut's new single "Neon Razberries"? spotify:album:5lgEhyQ4ZUUOq7E9QCYqb5

Love this playlist!!
My band is an LGBTQ+ duo and we have just released a new single - would love for you to have a listen, perhaps you might think it's a fit for your playlist?


Hey all! I know it's now 2020, but I'm a new queer indie-pop artist looking to grow in the community! Here is my music

how can i submit my music for consideration on your playlist?

Here is my spotify link if your interested in checking out my stuff. Thanks.


Hi all, here is a playlist by LGBTQIA+ folks from Barcelona, Spain:

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