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Let me see your best playlist! \^o^/


Let me see your best playlist! \^o^/

I'm a huge K-pop stan (Any fellow ARMY's there?) and not only BTS, but I like Blackpink, Twice, Red Velvet, EXO, too! (Just to name a few)

I've never ventured out my comfort zone of J-pop and K-pop that often, so I would like to hear your playlists and maybe find a new 'favorite!'

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Thank you!

I'll listen to it!

I insist u must listen to Chills and Something Different by Why Don't We.

Okay! \^o^/

Thank you for the recommendation!

why dont wes new album is so good though pls tell me you've listened

this one gives off heartbreak but also toxic love vibes, I only just made it but I'm pretty proud of it. 

here's one that's full of a bunch of genres to mix it up!   : )

this is playlist with a mix of songs which put you in a sentimental mood, the perfect playlist for when you are thinking about that special person, and to get in your feels.

Playlist of Japanese artists with good music 

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