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Lets exchange playlists :D


Lets exchange playlists :D

Hey everyone! I would be so grateful if you would check out some of my playlists! I included a link and a description for my favorite playlists below!! 


This is my biggest playlist (it is HUGE)

All of my favorite songs are on here! I am basically always listening to it because you could listen for 83 hours and STILL not listen to the same song twice! 


This playlist is what I like to think of as soft indie 

This is the perfect playlist for fans of artists like Clairo, mxmtoon, boy pablo, Cavetown, khai dreams, and so many other artists like them! 


The next playlist is The Lumineers type of music

I have no way of describing it besides saying that it reminds me of the woods and fall, but this type of music is REALLY good. This playlist features The Lumineers, Ziggy Alberts, Mt. Joy, Caamp, Mumford and Sons, and other artists that give the same vibe! 


This playlist is my Indie Rock playlist

This is my absolute favorite type of music and I like to listen to it while doing chores or any other boring activity because this always makes it more fun! This playlist is for fans of Artic Monkeys, Cold War Kids, Cage the Elephant, The Neighboorhood, and others! 


This playlist was made for dancing!!!
I call it "I'm shaking the house?" because that's my response when my mom tells me to stop jumping because "I am shaking the house" This features artists like Wallows, ROLE MODEL, Declan McKenna, Saint Motel, Young the Giant, Dayglow and other artists that make me dance! 


This playlist is my sad one 😞

I made this playlist with all of the songs that feel good to cry to. Thats it lol. 


This playlist was inspired by the tunnel scene in The Perks of Being a Wallflower

These songs give that same imortal feeling that Charlie was describing in this scene and I could totally see these songs playing in the background of a similar experience. 


This playlist I call dark academia but in reality its more of a vilian playlist.

(just pretend to be evil, its fun) (side note: unless you actually are, then don't pretend) 


This is depressed indie music!
I LOVE this type of music and Im not sure how to describe it so click the link ig lol.


ok! If you are still here thank you so much for listening or liking or following or whatever! Leave comments below with suggestions for more playlists or things I could do better! I also would love to see some of your playlists! If you check out my account I have other playlists that you might be interested in but these were my favorites! Ok, that's it thanks for listening 🙂


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A playlist consisting of underground bands. Exploring genres of Death metal, Slam, and Grind. New and old, getting recognition to the underdogs.

Phew thats a lot to go through but I will make a start .
My playlist is a bit different it is called Dangerous Love songs where love goes wrong !
hope you like it n share. Thanks

Some beaut tunes on these lists!

Slightly different vibe but here is my ‘String Textures’ playlist, updated regularly and featuring carefully curated contemporary classical string music. Great for relaxation, focus, reading or if you just love string music! Please have a listen/follow if you like 👏

I have a lot of song in this one, but it’s cause it’s the kind of song you just leave in the background while doing something else, or just while thinking about life: 

this one is the positive upbeat songs that i have in my big ‘all songs i like’ playlist. Which are pretty little actually: 

and then there’s one for when you feel kinda down, but don’t want to get put of the vibe, if you know what i mean: 

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