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List of New Releases


List of New Releases

I host a New on Spotify page on my website. It lists new releases added to Spotify over the last 7 days, all contained in an easy-to-search database. To use, select your country then search for a genre, or simply browse using the Next Page button.


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love how mutch trance have been added latly.. thanks alot for that. a nice thread btw love it


All the new releases from Warner music, plus some others will be added into this playlist : 


FYE: New Music - Updated Weekly   /    FYE: New Music - Updated Weekly


Updated weekly of course! Please follow and share x



Is it Me or does it seem like Spotify isn't getting much new releases lately. just this week colplays cd came out and it's not out on spotify, rascal flatts, the black keys, eric church, brantley Gilbert, all there cd's didn't come out on spotify, I think the record companies might be catching on to spotify and not really liking it to much by the way it looks. Any comments?

I agree - Rascal Flatts nor Brantley Gilbert were released last tuesday and this tuesday but not showing up on Spotify.  I wondered if they had the same record label.  I totally would understand why they would stop letting Spotify release their c.d.s bc I am a BIG advocate of buying an actual c.d. instead of streaming online or using iTunes (I just like the feel of having the actual c.d. and liner notes in my hand) - but on the same side, I also pay for Spotify bc I LOVE having everything at my fingertips at work.

Is there some sort of news release or anything on what's going on?



Quite new release. I LOVE IT! Anyone interested in spacey, stoner, prog rock should check this out!

Awesome debut album release from Sydney duo 'Much Like Today'

Hey I was just wondering why the Breantly Gilbert album "Just As I Am" is not on Spotify yet? It was released  on May 19th. I wanted to add a couple songs from it to my play list but it is not avaible. 

One of the best Scottish Indie Rock bands around just now are Frightened Rabbit. Scott Hutchison the band's vocalist and guitarist has just released his own solo album 'Owl John'. Its well worth a listen!


Owl John – Owl John

This is hot and most probably going to be a big deal! 

It's totally fresh indie rock band, great songs. At the moment an EP released but I've heard they're having an album on autumn.


Carnival Youth

do you put all genres in the list?


Hi, much to my excitement, I received a notification on my phone to say that Underworld Anthology 1992 - 2012 was available on Spotify. 


I acknowledged the notification and went back to work thinking I'll d'load that when I get home.  IT's NOT THERE!!


You can't tease people like that.

We are on extremely nice area for presenting artwork, music and videos.

An interesting departure from the standard presentation of serious music in club settings was the surprise entrance of dancer Daina Shukys toward the end of the set. Exuding sensuality, the dynamic Ms. Shukys, finger cymbals aloft, meshed beautifully with the ever-expanding spirals of musical agitation. My initial reaction ("well, here's a little something for the folks not into the music") was soon reversed by the talent and sincerity of Ms. Shukys and the musicians. Again, Steig has dared to be different, to explore,to probe.

Chuck Berg- Downbeat Magazine

   Marvin Horne played with (drummer) Elvin Jones and Defunkt. He's the best jazz guitarist I've ever had the pleasure of working with. He can play a steady stream of the most beautiful, melodic eighth-notes you'll ever hear, and never play the same thing twice. He's from St. Louis and he's still playing.

Vernon Reid - Guitar Player magazine March 1989

Dear Jeremy Steig,

On behalf of JAZZ FORUM, the magazine of the International Jazz Federation, I would like to congradulate you on being voted the world's top flutist in our 16th annual international 1982 JF Top People Poll....

Keep swinging,

Pawel Brodowski, Editor-in-Chief

Review: Great Double Bill at La Mama

gogo dancers Daina Shukis...really represent sleaze in all its American glory... lovingly created, worshipped.

John S. Patterson, The Villager newspaper

"Pet for Company" by Alexander Swanbeck Adapted by Cecile Guidote Alvarez

Baby Doll-Daina Shukis, music/choreography (Cabaret Act)- Daina Shukis

Daina Elizabeth Shukis
Follow me

can you put this in your list?

Wizdom Mriminthere 

This is some hard party music and i have alot more styles for yall comin these 2 tracks are just the warm up let me know how yall feel about them. 


Interpol's "Ancient Ways" actually has the audio of "All The Rage Back Home". 



Thank you!  I know they never put down everything new on the "New Releases" tab.  


Just want to say that the new Strokes album is out and it's fire!

Always Forever - Vincent T.

Always Forever - Vincent T. 



I've really can't stop listening to the new album by The Alternating Currents. Their record was just released on the 27th. For fans of The Velvet Underground, Stone Roses, Captain Beefheart, Syd Barrett, Neutral Milk Hotel.


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