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Lo-Fi Indie Rock Playlists


Lo-Fi Indie Rock Playlists

Started a playlist that contains raw lo-fi joints, lots of 90's / early 2k vibes. If you have something similar, please share it here! Check it:

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Great playlist -- here's my work-in-progress lo-fi playlist. Some of the songs in here might work in yours:


Oh nice I will check it out! How do you embed the playlist like that? I put the embed code in HTML but it didn't seem to work here. 

GBV and FSA I already feel it ha

To embed the playlist like that, what you do is right click the playlist, click Copy Spotify URL, then paste that link in the URL field in the Insert/Edit Link box. The playlist won't show up in preview, but it'll show up after you click post. There's some more info on it here if ya need it.


Good stuff! It reminds me of my youth. Here are some suggestions:






I'm thinking of making a similar playlist. But for now i follow you 2 🙂 I got so much playlists in progress to work on! 🙂



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

good call on that Boo Radleys... totally forgot about that album! 

Trying to embed playlist since it didn't work first time... 



Hello !




Hello everyone, 


How can i follow the playlists that are embedded here? I jsut seem to be only able to play them within the post.



Do you have spotify opened? You should open it on your desktop.

Then when you play the playlist it will automaticly open in Spotify.


My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Here's another recomendation,, maybe not really lo-fi, but kinda noizy:




And this, my alltime favorite band, Dinosaur Jr: 



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever

Hello !





Thanks Jazz, i got it working now.

Not exclusively lofi, but here's my Pacific Northwest (USA) playlist that definitely has some lofi tracks that you might dig.

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