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Lofi/Bedroom pop/dreampop/shoegaze - Updated weekly


Lofi/Bedroom pop/dreampop/shoegaze - Updated weekly

Selection of the best tunes under these genres, mainly featuring unsigned and undiscovered bands. Enjoy it while driving, making love, daydreaming and crying.

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Followed! Love your playlist. 🙂 Think this would be a good fit.



@ shanemckeane
I enjoy this genre 🙂 and great playlist
If you can, check out my playlist "cool it" for more similar sounding songs 🙂

This is a very nice playlist! thanks for posting.
Our songs are in general rather packed with synths and lack of guitars for the mood of this list. But we have this super nice lo-fi bedroom pop version of our song "Second Streets..." (secretly featuring the ex-singer and bass-player from the band Halma out of Hamburg, Germany). You should check it out, it's rather sad, melancholic, nicely distorted and with a beautiful guitar line.
regards, Peter

awesome playlist!! you should check out this song, it’s a melancholic mix of mellow pop and indie folk 🙂 thanks for listening!


Get ready to discover new music 


Here's a mellow, dream-pop take on singer-songwriter. Check it out, I think it'll fit your taste! 

Hey there!

I'm all about this playlist! 

My band Fellow Robot just dropped our new shoegaze single today 3.15.19 that might be a good fit. We love loud guitars taking the listener into infinity.






Give this a listen! I think you'll like it! 😉

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