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Lonely, Depressed, Sad, Heartbroken. Heck Ya! Feel Good Songs for when you Feel Bad.

Lonely, Depressed, Sad, Heartbroken. Heck Ya! Feel Good Songs for when you Feel Bad.

Beautiful/funny/philosophical/copacetic songs about loneliness, depression, and heartbreak. Good playlist for when you're down, but also a good for happy people during late-night solo driving. All genres. Song suggestions welcome. Follows greatly appreciated. 

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Beautiful vocal on the first one. And now the second one is trying to pull me into a trance 🙂 These tracks are cool, and I'm going to dig deeper into these libraries before I choose. Thank you!!


Okay, I listened to a bunch of your tracks. Very unusual! More ambient than the songs in my playlists. You should hook up with the Experimental FB group. This is right up their alley.

You have a lot of really cool songs on your playlists. Most are too sad for my playlist, but I love Michael in the Bathroom! I gave you a Follow. Curious to hear your other music picks when I have time... 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

Hi there,

Nice playlist, 

Here's my latest EP, hopefully one of the songs will fit on there somehwhere.

Take Care

Gerr Walsh



Here's my playlist:


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Hi Gerr,

Well, your Circus song might make my listeners cry, which is, er, counter to the intention of the playlist. But it would be a pleasant cry, rather than a bitter cry, and sometimes I do like to end my playlists with a really slow thoughtful piece like this, so okay, I added it as the closing track to the playlist. Nice come-down after the crazy Who song. And it's a really nice song. Very sincere. Beautiful sensitivity in the piano and guitar.

Please Follow the playlist and Share/Stream if you're inclined!! It's a brand new playlist, so all help is very much appreciated in getting it off the ground.

BTW, I see that you're Irish. I have another playlist, of modern Celtic comedy, that's doing pretty well for that little niche genre (especially considering that most Celtic music fans aren't on Spotify). So if you ever record any comedy songs, hit me up! And if you start any Celtic comedy playlists, I'll send you something in trade from my American-Celtic band 🙂

Best Wishes,



Wow, your tracks are all unusual! I like the deep bass in Concrete Walls. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thanks so much Elise, 
now following your wonderful playlist.

'a pleasant cry' - I like that.
I am from Ireland, and if I ever write a comedy song I will be in touch.
lovely to hear from you.
take care

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