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Looking for Genuine Playlist Followers


Looking for Genuine Playlist Followers

If You Believe Then You Can Achieve

Hello all, My name is Prempeh and I run a web blog called Positive Change For My Jukebox We curate music and include them onto our various playlists. This playlist gets promoted and shared to the world through our Facebook page and various other means. Artists that have their music featured on our playlist will have their single cover put up on display along with backlink tags to their Facebook pages. Our playlist is usually limited to 50 songs of which after some time they are replaced with newer songs.

What we are currently seeking is the growth of our

Hip Hop,

playlists and are therefore requesting genuine followers to the playlists. What we consider genuine is people that listen to the playlists on a weekly basis at least 3-5 times a week. This of course means that you will be listening because you like the genre, the music and the artists that we have selected for our playlists, alternatively it may be because you would like to hear what is new in the marketplace and possibly work with some of the artists that are featured on the playlists.

It is our hope to gain at least 1000 followers per playlist by the end of February and if this may seem unrealistic then at least by March. People that join us in the initial stages of our network will be considered for future new business development with Positive Change For My Jukebox. As mentioned we would like 1000 followers per playlist.

If you have decided to become a follower then please visit and provide us with your email address so that we can keep you on record for future updates and developments on our network.

4 Replies

For us it is a question of whether your heart is in the right place and if you are willing to grow with our network. We do not believe in follow for follows if they do not come with genuine listeners and therefore if you could please thoroughly read our message and give us a more thorough explanation on why we should follow you.


  • Will you be a regular listener on our playlists as suggested in the description?
  • Did you send through your email details as requested for future business developments if we need to make contact with you?
  • If you have any questions then please do ask here and we will answer you.


If your answer is no to any of the above then it is best we do not follow each other because unfortunately the turn out of the relationship will just be the same as when we were not following each other and a waste of everyone's time including the artists and Spotify.


great playlist man I gave you a follow! I think this track would fit your list really well! 

Nice playlists fam, especially the Hip Hop one. Following now

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