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Looking for Undiscovered Metal & Hardcore Bands


Looking for Undiscovered Metal & Hardcore Bands

Every city has them, some more than others. I'm looking to see what everyone is listening to in their local Metal scene. Comment with some of your favorite Rock / Metal / Hardcore & Punk bands. 


I'm from Los Angeles and currently find the majority of my new music through Bandcamp but I really want to see what Spotify has to offer.


Excited to hear what's out here!

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Hi @UrbanYetiRec and the rest of y’all nothing from my local scene but I want to share with you this band King if None from Finland, if you enjoy the stoner you might enjoy this one 


Also not necessarily unknown bands but certainly new metal tracks mostly in this Playlist 



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Hi everyone! Today we released our cover of Simple Minds 'Don't You - Forget about me'! We reinterpreted the song musically and conceptually.


We did also a music video for this song:

Have a good listening! 🙂

Low Wage - Low Wage (Hardcore Punk/Grindcore). Songs are short, but will make you smash into a wall. Hope you like it.

Hey man! Here is the music of my band Overtoun, I hope you like it!


We are The Great Diversion, a 3 piece rock/post-hardcore/emo band based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We just released our new single Colours on all platforms and in all radio rock stations across North America on August 28th. This is the first single off our upcoming full-length album This Is It, This Is the End (available on October 2nd, 2020) and is our first studio release since our 2015 debut EP Rocks and Rapids. We thought it best to share this with you since we love the great work you have been doing to support emerging artists. Thank you for all you do, and please keep it up!

Bio :
The Great Diversion combines elements of post-hardcore and pop-punk to create a hard-hitting rock genre reminiscent of the early 2000’s emo music. The power trio distinguishes itself by its melodic pop sensitivity and hard-hitting breakdowns. Hailing from Timmins and Hawkesbury, the band has found its home in Ottawa. After kickstarting their career with the release of their debut EP “Rocks and Rapids” in 2015, The Great Diversion has been hard at work preparing its upcoming full-length album This Is It, This Is the End. The 9 song album is self-financed, self-produced and will be self-released on October 2nd, 2020.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you need any more information,

Kind regards,

The Great Diversion

I've put together this playlist that consists of underground bands exploring genres of Death metal, Slam, Grind and all in between. Always open to suggestions aswell.

Hey, if you're into Metal, and like bands such as Pantera, Slipknot, Soulfly etc., give your new Single a spin:
By, Psycho Vice

Hey, if you're into Metal, and like bands such as Pantera, Slipknot, Soulfly etc., give your new Single a spin:

By, Psycho Vice

Hi please check out my first single from my duo element of fate !  I'd appreciate it!



Maybe you can like this list, there are plenty of underground metal bands. (Specially listen to tahrip in the list for hardcore)

Songs of Turkish bands released in 2024.(listed chronologically) This list will be updated until the end of 2024.logicide, episode xııı, tahrip and many more new metal songs / Instagram: VenkPlaylists

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