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Looking for a specific type of music


Looking for a specific type of music

i am looking for something close to “nunca se sabra” by jmsn. i dont know the genre but i like the sad lyric, the beat that takes a major part of the song, and the talking/dialog part. its like a sad but i can dance kinda feeling to it idk how to explain lol. i just need that vibe but so far couldnt find anything close. maybe you guys have a few playlists in mind you could share?

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hey!! i'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but i have a couple of playlists that have lofi-style beats with rnb lyrics as well! not all the songs are what you're looking for but i think you might find some that work! i also recommend some of the songs by the artist feyesal !! hope this helps 🙂

this one is more upbeat

this one is more down/sad ish?

this is awesome thanks

it's kinda like ur sad and slow dancing in ur head i hope u give it a like (:


Here's my favourite playlist, which mostly consists of Indie music (rock and pop)

I really like it, have a listen and maybe like it and give me a follow? 




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