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Looking for new Progressive and Melodic Techno please?


Looking for new Progressive and Melodic Techno please?

Hi everyone 

I'm new to the exchange and I am very keen to discover new techno. I love loopy, progressive techno, well all techno, but I also run a cool t-shirt shop, and techno is the best music to shop to, and to work and think to. Then, I'll go home and play some more techno because, techno 🙂

If you could post your playlist here I will follow it and listen to it. And please share all forms of techno, house, trance and electronica. I'm keen to broaden my knowledge and discover new artists. But yes, techno uber alles - as it should be.


Looking forward to making some new friends and discovering new music!




Here's my baby - my masterpiece. I add to it daily


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Hi Richard,

Welcome To The Community Mate.. Your Baby Is Truly A Masterpiece Dude.. Awesome Playlist.. Tremendous Work Done.. Also @viktorandrei - Awesome List.. Loved Both The Share.. Kudos To Both The Share:

The Following Are List Of Few Techno Songs That I Want To Contribute To You:

Head High – 'Rave'
Jeff Mills – 'The Bells'
Maurizio – 'M4b'
British Murder Boys – 'Don't Give Way to Fear'
Cosmin TRG – 'Izolat'
Plastikman – 'Spastik'
Toxic Two – 'Rave Generator'
Robert Hood – 'Munis'

Hope You Might Like The List.. Thanking You..

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

If you are looking for a new genre, i got a melodic dubstep mix from illenium, said the sky, william black, slander and seven lions

Thanks for the cool playlist - will give it a listen 🙂

Hey Rahul

Thanks so much for the recommendations. I'm adding them to my feeder list as we speak and will give them a listen. You'll see them added to TECHNO BASSIXX shortly 🙂

I need to create smaller playlists, but there's something about having 1000 killer tech tracks all in one place that makes me smile 

Thanks again!

Nice! Thank you. I don't recognise a lot of these artists... have liked and will listen shortly 🙂

Hi @tshirtterrorist,

You Are Always Welcome Dear.. And I Will Surely Wait For Your Playlist TECHNO BASSIXX.. All The Very Best Mate..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

Hi, i can suggest to you my brand new techno track that i think you may like it, have a good day!!


Here is a handpicked playlist with top class progressive, dub and melodic techno selections. You can check essential releases of the year and some other classics from previous years. Enjoy.

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