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Looking for new indie pop/ chill electronic music and artists


Looking for new indie pop/ chill electronic music and artists

Looking for some new inde pop/ chill electronic artists and music, post songs or playlists below! Also posted my "Feels" playlist for anyone to check out and hopefully find some new music from as well!

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Got alot of indie and electronic chill in this playlist.

But if you are looking for some super chill electronic synth-pop, I highly recommend that you listen to Empathy Test 😉

I think this would qualify as chill and indie with a hint of electronic and soul. enjoy 🙂

Thanks! big fan of this playlist!




heres my new indie mix! Please give it a listen, hope u like it 🙂

Hi! We hope you enjoy our debut release, we have all kinds of things coming in 2018 that might fit your tastes!



Hi there,

here some instrumental, dreamy, electro-acoustic, downtempo sounds from my debut EP "Consequences".

I hope you have the chance to give it a try.

Thanks for your time



My favorite ambient / chill electronic music playlist...

I have the perfect playlist for this! I always play it when I'm afterspacing with my friends, it's full of chill indie songs. 




Here's a track...hope you dig 🙂

Big fan of this playlist!

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