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Looking for niche piano artists for my playlist


Looking for niche piano artists for my playlist

Hi! I've created a playlist but most of the artists on it are quite well known. Now I'm looking for not so very known composers witch music on the same great level.

18 Replies

Hi alexis!
I enjoy just piano music myself in certain moods. 🙂

I'm curious if you have ever checked out Isaac Shepard, Michael Whalen or Yiruma?

They are all on the modern side of piano music and have some truly beautiful pieces.

Happy Listening!

Hi @user-removed,


Check out Tomoki Miyoshi's album. He has some beautiful and calming pieces of piano music.

Hi, I myself have got an original composition for piano:




<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>





Hi alexis!

Check out my piece ‘Ou est mon bonheur?’ feat. my dear friend Chad Lawson

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Hi David! I've added your piece onto my playlist, I like it 🙂 Would you consider sharing this playlist with your fans? Great work, keep it up!

Great!!!!! Thank you so much 🙂 following and sharing!

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Hi! Of course I know Yiruma but somehow I forgot him when creating this playlist, but I've added a piece oh his now 🙂 Thank you!


I am quite sure you will like Beata Hlavenkova´s piano music (especially Theodoros and Scintilla) -


Beata Hlavenkova is Czech pianist, composer, arranger and producer, graduated in composition from the Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava in 1998 and mastered in composition, jazz composition and arrangement at the University of Massachusetts in 2004. Her website is -

Hi Alexis


Some real gems there!


Hopefully you might enjoy this one.. 🙂

Hi Alexis,


My track Light As Air is currently having more plays than any other track of mine, so I thought I'd share that one here:


Happy Listening!




Hi Alexis,


This is an original piano track from my last album. Enjoy! 🙂



This is as niche as you can get...On 'Piano Day' last year, a small record label in Melbourne released an album of piano works which features a wide array of beautiful stuff. I highly recommend giving it a listen. 

Indeed, very interesting!

Nice! Added it in my playlist!

hi, may i suggest a song of mine to your playlist?


@Helgi Hannesar - Goutte is an amazing new relaxing solo piano song, but it has under 1000 streams, deffinetly deserves more.

Gotta Be a Lot of Things - check out my page for over 100 original demo tracks.



I think its a great Idea, I would like to share with you one of my compositions, its original by me, I released it like 2 weeks ago, however I havent promoted it yet, cause I didnt know people with the same interest,

now I saw your post I sawa light in the end of the tunnel hehe, here its, I hope you like it

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