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Looking for other nations' playlists


Looking for other nations' playlists

I am searching for playlists in order to discover music from different countries (I am from Italy). No matter the kind of music or the period, everything is more than appreciated.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi! This is a really nice idea! 

Here's a playlist of pop music from Hong Kong (new and old):

Japanese city pop (80s music):

Korean rnb:

I hope you find something that you like! ❤️

Wow, thank you so much for your reply! Those countries' music is nearly unknown for me, apart some visual and some K-pop. Can't wait to start listening to them 🖤

Thank you so much! That means a lot to me- especially because Hong Kong and Japanese music is what I grew up on ❤️ Would you be able to point me in the direction of some Italian music? I've never had the opportunity to go and it's doubtful I'll be going in the near future (lol) and I'm so curious about it! 


here's a playlist consisting of estonian music. (different genres and deacdes) most of these if not all of them are well-known to all estonians and in a way engraved into our brains. (there are some very iconic songs).  but you could always just search 'eesti' on spotify and find something yourself. 

if you like the sound of our language i recommend estonian punk (eesti punk on spotify) and our new school rap ( eesti räppmuusika uuskool on spotify). estonian metal is also quite good, but sadly mostly in english and very underground (i like sociasylum and mad mortality).

hope you like it! and that you find something you like !!!

Hi DarkMiryam, I share some playlists:

Argentina (my country)

Popular songs from any genre (pop, rock, reggae, tango, folklore, cuarteto, cumbia, etc) 

Indie Rock 


Pop - Rock from 80s - 90s 


Pop Rock Indie 

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There’s an energy and connectivity that we feel with Psychedelic Stoner Rock music, it’s not pretentious, it’s not glamorous, it’s real earthy and there’s a lot of groove and intensity to it. You can hear it and feel connected to it and get lost in it. Cheers DarkMiryam!

I follow you!

Checking your playlists, I found that your "Dark Miryam's Alchemy Mood" is in the same style that my playlist "Dancing in the dark", if you wanna check it out. 


We also agreed on several playlists for 70s, 80s and 90s. I wiill listen to your playlists.


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Ciao Kitty! I will prepare a playlist and share it with you, in the meanwhile here you can find one of Italian progressive rock from the seventies as long as I recently created it 😉 Hope you will find something you like!

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Unfortunately the playlist you shared doesn't work, could you please check if the link was correct?
In the meanwhile I managed to find some Estonian rap and.. wow 🤩 even if I think that I listened to old school rap, ehehe. Your language has a great musicality. Now I want to learn it 😹
Next step: Estonian punk. But I will be on it in the next days. I am sure it will surprise me 🤩

Well.. what a big surprise! I listened to the first songs of your playlist and I loved every second of them. I never heard about the biggest part of those groups and now I have a lot of new stuff to listen. Thank you very much!! 

Thanks a lot for your answers! In the meantime I sent you a PM 😉
Oh, and of course, you have my follow 😄

Ciao 😚
Here is a playlist with some different kinds of music. I decided to choose only those artists who sing in Italian. I hope you will find something interesting!


Here is a Playlist from Switzerland with International Rock Music. I Hope you like it: 

Cool thread, @DarkMiryam! I’m from the United States, and thought I’d share a playlist that I’ve made for rock and metal bands from the San Francisco Bay Area, where I grew up:



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