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\M/ THRASH Metal


\M/ THRASH Metal

Post your favorite and new thrash metal and crossover bands, releases and playlists here to showcase this most awesome sub-genre.


I'll start with SLAYER's Christ Illusion, an amazing 2006 release that won 2 grammy's for Eyes of the Insane and for Final Six. Christ Illusion was initially banned in India, among other areas, in true Slayer style! Unfortunately, Final Six is a bonus track that is only available in the 2007 hardcopy re-release. 


Christ Illusion.jpg
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Just picked up my tickets today to both San Diego and Irvine to kick off the SLAYER North American Farewell Tour this spring! H*ll yeah! @ Slayer @ Lamb of God @ Anthrax @ Behemoth @ Testament 


SLAYER = best f/ing band on the planet

You part of the spotify pre sale?

@Dfsoto Slayer fanclub presale. I picked up an exclusive meet and greet for the SD show too. These concerts are gonna kick a$$, so stoked! Where you based?


Slayer - 1998 Diabolus in Musica - 20 year anniversary.



Diabolis in Musica.jpg

@Dfsoto NICE! I saw that, Uncasville. It's an interesting tour path. Dude, I saw this show last summer twice, minus Anthrax and Testament. Man it went off. 

Seen them twice...

Big 4 at the Yankee Stadium in NYC

With 4arm and Gojira in CT

Sorry to say never saw Hanneman play. They are great live. 

Bring it ON!

Final Tour 2018.jpg

@Dfsoto Nice! And they'll play it right before they close the set with Angel of Death. It's gonna be sick.


...and Behemoth rules.


Here's some sick old school black metal.

Sarcofago - 1987 Inri


Power Trip - 2017 Nightmare Logic


@Dfsoto, did you already post this nails album?

Love Exodus with Dukes. Gives the band a different feel...oh yeah and Bostaph on drums

@Dfsoto that album rips.

I've been listening to this sick Italian death metal.

Enthrallment - 2012 People From the Lands of Vit and 2008 Immerse into Bl@@dy Bliss





Looks like their latest albums didn't make spotify


The brutal tech side of death is always fun but I've been on the slow disgusting side these days...

Check out my thrash metal band Skulled from germany and lots of other awesome new school and old school thrash metal bands we like to party to!


Eat Thrash! 

A thrash metal talk without Testament is blasphemy. Here is my favorite thrash song.



#sick #deathmetal

Skeletal Remains - 2015 Condemned to Misery



Gatecreeper - 2016 Sonoran Depravation


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