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(MEGATHREAD) Full Discography Playlists: Add Yours


(MEGATHREAD) Full Discography Playlists: Add Yours

As much as I love a good mixed playlists, sometimes there are those artists that you really love and connect with. Maybe you just want to listen to their entire discography without any interruptions. The "This Is:" Spotify playlists are alright, but they lack some songs & features. I added my full discography playlists below. 


I want to keep this thread running for others to share their discography playlists too for the real deep fans. Would love if you guys would share yours too! All genres welcomed 🙂


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Night Drive🔊🎵 Bass Boosted , Deep House , EDM 🔥Weekly Updated🔥


This playlist is especially for late night rides. You will find a mix of EDM, HOUSE and the best bangers from your favorite artist. Follow for new songs weekly.


Follow us on instagram: night_drive_spotify.








Clown Core. Everything theyve done adds up to less than an hour. Beg pardon for the handfull of songs by other artists - most are by related acts or the members solo projects, though three songs just share the theme/style

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