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This playlist is about self-empowerment, soul, passion for life & compassion for others, & deep emotions. Don't listen if you're interested in typical shallow, surface-level "vibing" music- that's not the purpose of this playlist. My philosophy with music is that this specific artist or that specific genre of the song doesn't matter; the only crucial element is that the song MEANS SOMETHING! Songs showcasing authenticity and depth are what you'll find. There's a variety in genre, style, and mood. To name a few of the broad concepts for you, this playlist includes ballads about love, loss, strength, & growth, up-tempos offering confidence & mood boosters, political "call to arms" style songs (feminism, for example, is obvious in many songs), & most importantly - SOUL! Ultimately, you will FEEL with this playlist, be it heavy-hearted, confidently empowered, or ready to stand beside others in the face of adversity. Newly added songs are found at the bottom of the playlist, but I like to just hit shuffle. You never know what you'll find that way! Oh, & by the way, the music at the top of the playlist is purposefully placed there - the first 50-100 ish songs are my ALL TIME favorites, so if you want a glimpse at what I consider "Music with a message", give the top portion of songs a listen. Enjoy!

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