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Matching music with Harry Potter spells!


Matching music with Harry Potter spells!

Hi there! 

I've started a new concept this month where I match spells from the Harry Potter series with music. 
For example:


The Lumos playlist contains music that involves around light and dark


The Petrificus Totalus playlist with music about fear, standing still, ...

The Avada Kedavra playlist only has music from artists who past away

The Episky playlist with music about fixing things, curing, living/dying, ...

In some playlists the connection is more visible then in others. 

And so on! 

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Really cool idea!



My Favorite Tracks of 2015

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This is really clever! I'm impressed!


this is awesome!

Love your list! Very creative and clever. This one might be too obbvious but....


Dime Box Band has a song called Felix Felicis that might fit on your list. We are all diehard HP fans.... check it out.


I can't tell if this message is sending or not. Please let me know if you got it a bumch of times - and/or if the music file was attached or not. 



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