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[Metal] What Are You Listening To?


[Metal] What Are You Listening To?

Artist: Iron Maiden

Release: Rock In Rio

232 Replies

Artist: Devin Townsend
Release: Ocean Machine
Year: 1997
Labels: HevyDevy/InsideOutMusic
Style of Music: Progressive metal, hard rock, alternative rock, progressive rock, heavy metal
Origins: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

Lead Singer and guitarist for the extreme metal band Strapping Young Lad. This is his solo experimental stuff, I must say I like this one it has a heavy hard rock Pink Floyd kind of feel about the whole release. This release would fit well just within the hard rock side as well, but it still has metal overtones to the whole musical experience.

Artist: Devin Townsend
Release: Infinity
Year: 1998
Labels: HevyDevy/InsideOutMusic
Style of Music: Progressive metal, progressive rock, jazz fusion
Origins: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

This release is a little out there, the music is still heavy and with hard rock and metal elements, but still with some out there experimentation, which seems to have been inspired by Townsend's mental break he was experiencing.

Artist: Devin Townsend
Release: Physicist
Year: 2000
Labels: HevyDevy
Style of Music: Progressive metal/thrash metal
Origins: New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

A little back story on this release, word was the early demos of the idea behind this release was from a side project that Townsend was attempting to do at the time with Newsted called IR8, who was at the time still in Metallica, but the other band members of Metallica put a stop to it and well this release ended up being a Strapping Young Lad off shoot project.

Artist: Devin Townsend
Release: Terria
Year: 2001
Labels: HevyDevy
Style of Music: Progressive metal, progressive rock, alternative rock
Origins: Same as the posts before

OK a return to the experimental side of Townsend with this release, which is melodic and atmospheric, with elements of pop and ambience alongside the heaviness the artist is known for.

Artist: The Devin Townsend Band
Release:Accelerated Evolution
Year: 2003
Labels: HevyDevy
Style of Music: Progressive metal, hard rock, alternative rock
Origins: Same as posted before.

Wow this is a well a very moody release and feel all around, some techno industrial ambiance music listeners might get into this one, the music is hard heavy but without being overboard like the artist's previous experimental material. This is kind of like the band Filter on steroids or something.

Artist: Tyr

Release: Land

Year: 2008


@Dreadlord Ahh good pick, I have a whole playlist filled with Týr material, I just have not gotten to it yet. Maybe before the year is over with, I have way too much in my queue, before I get down to the bottom of the artists that I have in a Playlist Folder that begin with the letter T.


For anyone who wants a peek here it is the whole playlist:

Artist: Devin Townsend Band
Release: Synchestra
Year: 2006
Labels: HevyDevy
Style of Music: Progressive metal, progressive rock, alternative rock
Origins: Same as posted before

Ok a return to the prog heavy rock/metal experimentation as before, after my foray into the artist's dark ambiance/noise direction. Some interesting music directions going on here.

Hello !


Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls ( 2015 )



Hello !


Cruciamentum - Charnel Passages ( 2015 )



Hello !


Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - The Night Creepers ( 2015 )



Artist: Amorphis
Release: Under the Red Cloud
Year: New 2015
Labels: Nuclear Blast GmbH
Style of Music: Progressive metal, Folk metal, death/doom metal
Origins: Helsinki, Finland

Artist: Crowbar
Release: Equilibrium
Year: 2000
Labels: Spitfire records/Indieblu Music
Style of Music: Sludge metal
Origins: New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.

This release was just added over the weekend to the artist page. 

Artist: Rob Zombie
Release: Spookshow International Live
Year: 2015
Labels: Universal Music Enterprises
Style of Music: HorrorShock rock/metal
Origins: Massachusetts, U.S.

Rob Zombie does live covers of the Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop and Grand Funk Railroad's - We're An American Band.

Well one of the big 4's new release has arrived. SLAYER - Repentless - 2015 - Label: Nuclear Black GmbH

And oh boy it does not disappoint, has a nice mix and balanced between South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss, and Divine Intervention. Some hard hitting stuff. Anyway without further ado here it is:

Hello !


Armored Saint - Win Hands Down

Metal Blad Records - 2015



Artist: Annihilator
Release: Schizo Deluxe
Year: original release year 2005 (rereleased - 2013)
Labels: AFN - 2005 - rerelease 2013 - UDH GmbH
Style of Music: Thrash, groove, progressive, speed metal
Origins: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Album just added to the artist page this Friday along with Double Live Annihilation, and also the new release for 2015 Suicide Society in Standard and Deluxe track versions.

Artist: The Black Dahlia Murder
Release: Abysmal
Year: New 2015
Labels: Metal Blade Records
Style of Music: Melodic Black Metal
Origins: Michigan, US

All I can say this release is umm brutal!

Artist: Iron Maiden
Release: Book of Souls
Year: New 2015
Labels: Sanctuary
Style of Music: Metal/progressive
Origins: England

This is my fourth run through of this release, man just great music all around guys. My thoughts and best wishes to Bruce Dickinson, my best for your recovery and that it is going well.

Artist: Marilyn Manson
Release: The Pale Emperor (Deluxe Edition)
Year: New 2015
Labels: Hell Etc. / Cooking Vinyl / Seven Four Entertainment LLC.
Style of Music: Metal, alternative rock, hard rock, blues
Origins: Florida, US

Release comes in two versions explicit and clean.

Explicit version:


Clean version:

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