Metal from from way back to today...

Metal from from way back to today...

Been a metalhead since early 80's and have selected many types of genres that I've enjoyed throughout the years. Enjoy!

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Hey man.

I just checked out your playlist. And I really like it. I'm started following it. You've got very similar taste in music like me. You even have one of my favourite songs as of now. Sick Like Me. Great motivation when I'm working out. If you're interested in checking out mine. Pease don't hesitate.

Thanks for following and hope you enjoy. I'll be checking out your playlist as well.

I'm impressed! Nice work! I have a few suggestions if you're open to them.


Thanks Xenon, sounds good.

Alright, here goes...

You've done a really nice job including all of the traditional classic heavy metal bands as well as the nu-metal, industrial metal, and metalcore. Keep up the good work! 

I'm assuming that your goal here is to create a comprehensive guide to the different varieties of metal throughout the years, rather than being a subjective "favorites" collection. If that is so than I would suggest considering the following genres.


  1. Power Metal- you touched briefly on this with your inclusion of Manowar and Nevermore. Personally for me I'm a big fan of power-prog and neoclassical, which has also not only shaped power metal but been a huge part of metal's development. I would suggest adding Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Avamtasia, Rhapsody, etc.
  2. Death Metal- While I'm not too big on death metal myself, it has played an integral role on metal throughout the last 30 years. I noticed the melodic death metal that you put in there and I'm extremely impressed with your thoroughness. At this point I would suggest looking into adding technical death metal like Necrophagist and Obscura, Progressive Death Metal like Opeth and Atheist, as well as more old-school acts as Death. 
  3. Progressive Metal- another favorite of mine, I noticed a large lack of progressive metal on the playlist. I would suggest adding enough prog metal to span the range of moderate (Queensryche, Dream Theater) to extreme (Meshuggah, Strapping Young Lad). Also djent would be nice to see considering how prominent it is right now
  4. Folk Metal- spans several genres but I'd have loved to have seen Korpiklaani and such
  5. Black Metal- Pagan, Symphonic, Classic, etc.
  6. Doom/Stoner/Sludge
  7. Grindcore
  8. Gothic/Symphonic

Overall I really like your playlist! Thanks so much for your time 🙂


Thanks Xenon82, yea not much of a Death Metal fan there are a few I do like... don't know if I'll be adding more of that genre or not. I'll be looking to add more Power/Progressive etc. 


Thanks for the in-depth post. Very much appreciated!

Man, I really like this playlist.
Found some new bands and songs.
Greetings from Portugal

Thanks Drowser, glad you enjoyed...check back to the playlist every now and then as I keep adding more.


Keep Portugal rockin!!

I've added some more music/songs to the collection, with 230 songs added I'm guessing the best way to listen is through the shuffle option. That way one can get a variety of songs or if your brave and have nothing to do for quite sometime start with song one and see how far you get lol. Enjoy!

Its been awhile, I did another update (330 songs and counting lol) played around with the playlist by bringing songs up/down the list. Enjoy! 


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