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Most Underrated Song?


Most Underrated Song?

What's a song, or artist that you think deserves more attention?

Feel free to share a link or something

For me, it would be I Feel Fantastic. A lot can be conveyed in one song.


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Great topic, @Krisis075


One artist that I’d consider to be underrated is The Spacelords, a psychedelic/space rock band based out of Reutlingen, Germany. They currently have a little over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, so I wouldn’t say they’re totally obscure; but I think their music sounds great, and am surprised that more people aren't listening to them. 


My current favorite song of theirs is the title track from their 2021 album, Unknown Species, which I just discovered today and enjoy even more than Water Planet (my favorite album of theirs):


I really like how the effects-laden guitar melodies and hypnotic rhythms of the bass and drums evolve over the course of this nearly 15-minute instrumental track, while immersing the listener in a sonic atmosphere that is at once otherworldly and relaxing; though perhaps what makes this track stand out as my favorite by The Spacelords is how the guitars build in intensity towards the end, reminding me a bit of “Illusory Motion” from Elder’s The Gold & Silver Sessions.



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