Music That Would Make You Type Faster

Music That Would Make You Type Faster

I have to type a lot when I do my homework. Anyways, can y'all recommend me any fast songs that would make someone type faster (140 wpm?) I normally type 90 wpm ;-; ik it's so slow 

One time, I typed 236 wpm after eating a lot of sugar (it was only for 15 seconds tho) 

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When I have to do something repetitive at work following a fixed pattern I like to hear Drum n Bass (Mostly Chill DnB / Liquid DnB, less often some good old 90s Jungle) or Psytrance (Mostly Progressive Trance, so not that noisy stuff).


I always get into a kind of flow and also typing is faster and easier with it. Maybe you can try this genres?😄

A few from my "gotta go fast" playlist.. my hands fly when listening (though usually beating the steering wheel)

Maybe it will translate to typing? I hope you found something helpful

When creating this Song, I discovered that the more often I listened to this Song, the less I could fall asleep afterwards! As I got also the same Feedback from others, I decided to call this Song simply Espresso because of this Effect! 😋


The Effect seems to be intensified by multiple listening and/or through Earphones!


So, I don't know, if you can type faster, by listening to this Song as a side Effect, I haven't tried it yet - but at least you should not fall asleep, during typing! 😁

Both of these tunes by the Natural-philosophers With Attitude really get me going when I am writing.

I have actually released a progressive trance track with some drive not too long ago! There is one new comming now the 18th. ! Think it would suit you well

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