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Music for yoga, meditation and relaxation


Music for yoga, meditation and relaxation

This is a playlist with cosmic ambient music for meditation yoga sleep etc.

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Anyone looking for an inspirational playlist? Follow the Yoga_vibes playlist today. You will not be disappointed!




Hi everyone! 


If anyone is looking for a modern yoga playlist, I post a new 75 minute playlist every week (Sunday). Shake Your Asana Yogi's



Great service you are providing!


Listen to Yoga! Rock! Party! (1/17) by Popasana (me, Dave Adams) for very modern songs ... not for yoga but about yoga.  The themes and music are very different from almost anything else.


It can be found on Spotify.  I tried to provide a direct address to the song files but Spotify would not let me.  If you are interested, you can reach the tunes through this address.   

Nice playlists! Surprised you didn't throw mantras con amor on here though, they are pretty rad.

Beautiful! Love blind pilot and Norah Jones.

I have just the music for you! Pls follow this playlist and I will follow you back 🙂

Hi, please have a listen to my latest release. You might like it 🙂

Hi, Please have a listen to my latest release, it might be suitable for your playlist.



I've made a song that will fit perfectly in your playlist. Please consider adding it 🙂



Hi, sounds amazing! Especially like what Philip Wilkerson does.

Please have a listen also to my meditation music:


Great playlist!!

I´m following. Since I make Yoga music myself I love to get inspiration for new songs!



I really like "Swimming". Did you compose it?

Travel music for the inner explorer ❤️

Amazing song!!

Hi there, I just checked about your playlist and I think my music would match your list. Please, visit my artist profile where you can find my albums. I would be happy if you chose some songs for your list. Thank you.

Greetings, Dorothée



Sure, I can add some songs. However, I don´t have any lists with too many followers.

It would be fun if you wanna play some flute on some of my coming songs. 

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