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[NEW] Lets share our playlists! Show each other some love.


[NEW] Lets share our playlists! Show each other some love.

Spotify playlists

Yo fellow curators! 


This topic is meant for us all to share our playlists we've worked so hard on and every single one of us is trying to gain their listeners and love. Lets do so by trying to help one and other to get a better playlist!


I have a couple myself as well, let me know if you have suggestions or anything else regarding playlists!


Rest in ears: Oldies but goldies! 1100+ Song that'll bring you back in time

Shisha Hip-Hop/Rap: All songs for your perfect Hookah session


Let us share and show some love guys!


20 Replies

I’m down not sure exactly how to do what you did with the Playlist player but here’s my link. I’m also not exactly sure how curators can help each other but I’m down to learn. One of the reasons I’m here actually



This topic is mainly meant to share opinions and toughts. However I think your playlist rocks! Followed yours right away man, keep it up!


Love your playlist even added a couple songs to mine as well! You might like my Hip-Hop or any other of my playlists as well. 



Cool playlist, go hard or go home! Wondering what you think about my hip-hop/gym playlist. You might find some songs you like yourself. FYI there is some dutch song in my hip-hop playlist!


Keep up the good work.




Nice playlists!  Hope you can follow mine too.


Thank you

Hey man!


Thank you for liking my playlists! I took a look at yours and I'm glad you shared it amongst us. I've used a few songs for my rest in ears playlist! You might find my playlist usefull as well. 


An extra follow for you pal!

Here in Ireland we have some great indie bands and musicians. This is a playlist I made with some of that music. I hope you like! 😀



I like that i've never actually listened to these types of music man! Cheers for sharing 😄



I hope you like them! 😄



Thanks everyone for sharing your playlists! I've been able to get a lot of inspiration from them and others have aswell! 


I've been following a few of you, and your playlists sound absolutly great! 


I Really want to thank everybody for showing me the mad LOVE you guys gave me on my gym playlist!


I've reached 600 followers in 2 weeks by promoting on multiple platforms and here! I want to thank you guys so much!!




Got a bit silent in here! I'm still looking for you guys, to share your awesome playlists I can give my opinion upon for free. I hope you guys would do the same for mine, so we can share ideas. 


I have been hitting 1200 followers on my GYM Essentials playlist!! Thank you guys for that once again. I'll be working on my playlists more today, i'll keep you posted! 


Show some love! ❤️

Hey Ramboo, congrats on 1,200 followers! It takes a lot of hard work to get that many. I'm at 320 so far with my Smooth Jazz playlist, 70+ hours of the best instrumentals:

i am starting a new music stream myself as well





Thanks for sharing your playlist. 320 is a lot as well! However we have a Jazz festival coming up near my house, so i'll make sure to get in the vibe with your playlist buddy!

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