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New Emerging Artists Share Your Music :)


New Emerging Artists Share Your Music :)


I am making this post for any underrated or emerging artists to share their songs or albums.


Feel free to share anything you have and I will 100% give it a listen and perhaps add it if it fits into one of my playlists so more people can discover your work, I have many so I'm sure it will!


🙂 Here is one of my lists which is chill vibes and mainly r&b

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Hello, please take a look at my spotify profile Big KJ:


Link to track:


I would be pleased if you add my release to your spotify playlist.


Thank you & kind regards

Hi... Kindly take a minute to listen and I hope you would consider adding my song. I'd totally appreciate it. Thank you in advance... Darlintino - A Man Apart

thanks so much for doing this for the community 🙂 here's a song you might enjoy.

Here's a link to the most popular song off of my new album All Good Things.  Thanks!

Nice to see people like you supporting upcoming artists - thanks for that!

If you'd like to you can listen to my latest song "Members":

Calvin Sober - Members

For a more r&b heavy sound you may listen into my "older" ones, like "No Quitter" or "Up & Down":

Calvin Sober - No Quitter

Calvin Sober - Up & Down


Hello 🙂 


My name is DREGOTDREAMS.Im an rapper/singer/producer from Frankfurt but Im currently living in Hamburg.

I have a lot off output and projects and my musicgenre is RnB with Trap influences and otherwise. My big inspirations are Partynextdoor,The Weeknd,aftertheparty, Pierre Bourne, SpaceGhostPurrp, Chief Keef and so on. 

Im looking forward to show how my music sound like. 

I just released a new single "work" a couple days ago! It would be dope an an honor If u would listen to the song.


This is the recent tape that I dropped a couple months ago


Hope you enjoy my music and sound.


Have a nice day and best wishes!! 🙂 

Hi I recently released a new track and would love if you could give it a listen. Thanks


Hey, I am an up and coming artist from London, Uk and I have a new rnb/hiphop single out called ‘Need a Bae’ it is a play out the classic ‘I need a girl’ track by P Diddy and Usher. Would really appreciate it if you could have a listen and possibly add it to one of your playlist. 

I think youll like this. Alternative hip hop track

ya te estoy siguiendo me podrias seguir

First off I think its pretty cool that you do this. Secondly, here's a song I made with my band The Skips. Take a listen 🙂



Nice to meet you,


Thank you for the post and idea, I like your playlist.


Here is a song that might fit well into, check this out 🙂


Thank you,





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