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New artists to watch out for - always updating!


New artists to watch out for - always updating!

Here for the next generation of artists.

23 Replies

Nice mix of new artists there!

Thanks man, really appreciate it!

Listen here! 

Hi, I’m Avi Roy a new artist on the r&b scene. I think my music has a nice laid back and chill vibe to it. I only have one song right now but I have an album releasing soon. Hopefully you like it, it’s called Accidental Loving.

Hey! Is it possible for me to submit my song to you?

Hey Avi, thanks for reaching out! Definitely gonna check it. When you releasing your album?

for sure where can we listen?

nice playlist! 

I am new on spotify and I have start to upload songs of mine in march 2019. Here’s some of my music - I hope you enjoy and add one track to your playlist 🙂



June 28th, I worked really hard on it and I’m looking forward to it. Let me know what you think of Accidental Loving.

hey man just had a listen to it, its real good! awesome, looking forward to hearing the album!

New Artist, first released only a few days ago, check us out!


Hello there, I've just taken a listen  to your playlist and followed it and I think this song might fit it. 🙂 

Hey Mind adding my song to your playlist,

Motivational Good Vibes HipHop



This a dope cat that popped up on my radar

digging this

awesome vibes man!!

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