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New bands music!


New bands music!

Any new bands out here? I've just started this playlist because I know a lot of bands that are not known worldwide and I think they should have a stage! Al styles are welcome, but make sure it's music with REAL instruments!
And ofcourse make sure you check out and follow the playlist! Just let me know!

Wish you all the best from Holland!

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Hi, I'd love to get my music on youre playlist! I am from Atlanta, Ga. This is my blues act. Thanks so much


I would like to be on your playlist, I am a new instrumental heavy metal artist from Costa Rica. Please choose the song that you like more!

Nice tune! added it to the playlist, make sure you follow the playlist!

Yes you're in the playlist now, make sure you follow it!

Thanks very much!

You might this one. It employs real instruments: a theremin and electric guitars.

Hey this is awesome! I gave your playlist a follow! I’d love it if you’d add our song!


Hi! I have a new band and we just released our first single.  Check it out here ty 🙂 




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