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New playlist in case of heat wave Hip-Hop/electronic/jazzy


New playlist in case of heat wave Hip-Hop/electronic/jazzy

Hi guys,


I started a new playlist to survive in case of a heat wave or global warming that we are experiencing in France right now.

Trying to include in priority new hip-hop/electronic/Jazzy artists, and a bit of bigger ones.

Tell me what you think. Would be good to have your feeback, it's the first playlist I'm posting here.




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my name is Mete Ezel, my stage name is Metay, I am a hip hop rapper from London, I'm 19 years old and I'm looking to submit music to you for aid to fulfil my dream of become one of the greatest artists of this generation.

I love music, it is my life, I mean nothing without it and it has to work for me. There is no plan B. I've been making music since late 2015, it has made me enjoy life and to let go of my stress and anger.

I would appreciate it if you could take a listen to my music. I understand i am not getting millions of views, with that said even if you cannot provide any help, just a simple listen and maybe some advice would suffice.
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email.


Here are some links to my music:




Some links of songs on other peoples YouTube channels to show reception:


Hey will check it out...keep us in mind for the next heat wave?

Hi there!

Hopefully, you're doing well!
I haven't got a playlist to show but I’ve got a few nice chill songs up for listening if you like it then feel free to put it in your playlist 😄
Much love,

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