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New releases (2018-21) by female artists (alternative/indie/punk) - but who's missing?


New releases (2018-21) by female artists (alternative/indie/punk) - but who's missing?


So, I've spent this year getting to know todays female artists/bands/vocalists. And why not do it by making a playlist. The songs are mainly within the genres alternative and indie rock, but there are also punk, folk and elements of psychadelic rock, metal and classical. The songs are among the band/artist's latest releases (2017 - 2018 - 2019). And there are mostly english lysrics, but also a few songs in norwegian... since I'm from Norway 😉

So, my question to you is: which artists/bands/vocalists are still not on the list, but should be? 🙂 Hope to discover some more artists and songs!



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Hey Spotywakeup!
Thanks for checking out this playlist as well! I don't think I got Lunch Lady , Anti-Queens and Grumpster. Got Vivian Girls and Weakened Friends, just different songs. But I'll listen to them all anyway 🙂 Thanks! And thanks for sharing your playlists!

I'm listening to the previews and they are really promising. Especially Team Dresch and Rosie Tucker.
I'll listen to the playlist again and maybe I'll steal something. 😉
I have other suggestions, just have to dig into the playlists.

Glad to hear! Been listening to the song you suggested by Vivian Girls. I like the goth-ish vibe to it. So, please suggest other songs from artists already listed if there's some favourites out there you would recommend 😉

I listen to a lot of music jumping between different artists here and there. I don't have any real favorites, so I would suggest something else..

...this girl, for example, has an extraordinary voice


..something else about gothic / symphonic, if you like the genre


Thanks! I do find voices and the musical sound like Plumes interesting. I'll give it a proper listen!

this is awesome!!  just followed and i cant wait to listen!! I'm a really underground artist, and a woman! it would mean a lot if you checked out my work 🙂

Hi dvonderschmalz!

Thanks for checking out the playlist and following. And thanks for sharing! Your underground / alternative sound matches my playlist, I think  - so I've added your latest singel! 😉

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