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Newest Band/Artist You've Started Listening To


Newest Band/Artist You've Started Listening To

So I think I speak on everyones behalf when I say new music is great.

By sharing what new stuff you've been listening to I really want to find some new stuff. Recently I've been getting into that modern grunge vibe with Demob Happy. 



Very cool guys with a little bit of psych flair but mainly heavy grungey tones.


Please share what you've been listening to

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well you should start listening to twenty one pilots or omfg

Hi guys, if you want this is an indie italian band calls The Circle


Chingadazo de Kung Fu

I''m always looking for new music or trying to find old music. Last night in particular, I was searching for old pop/rock songs in Spanish that I used to listen to but I ended up hearing a nostagic sound. Chingadazo de Kung Fu reminded me of Blink-182 but in Spanish. Their lastest album was released in 2015 and definitely delivers to my angsty needs.


Now i'm listening to Royal Blood because i really like the hard rock tunes ya know

The latest person I've gotten into is Lana Del Rey. I love her sound and style, she's just overall very amazing. I highly recommend her.

There is a small band from Cali named First To Eleven, they have a couple of original songs and a few covers, I'll include their cover of The Chainsmokers "Closer" for you to hopefully enjoy.

- Sam

A little too "clean" lyrically, but musically they are dirty, dirty dirty.
God, country, bacon, beer.

I've recently started listening to Austin Mahone again, it's been a while and his music has changed for the better. He went from bubble gum pop to straight up fire. I'd reccomend for everyone to listen to him!

Phobophobes from South London, being played a lot on 6Music are the best new band I have heard and seen this year. Check out new single, Human Baby

I've really been into Twin Peaks. Reminds me of the Rolling Stones, but the lead singer tends to have a raspier voice than Mick Jagger.

I dunno if this weird guy qualifies but he is a new artist that I have listened to


To put it simply, the most "human" artist I've listened to in eons.



As of what's avaiable on Spotify, I highly recommend Carry Your Throne, Human and Simple & Sweet from the his previous mixtape, The Definition.

His debut studio album, The Human Condition, is REALLY good, I recommend giving a try to every song in that album, as well as listening to it in order (the last song/outro is so satisfying when you listen like that).

Ive been listeing to this new band non-stop.  Their music is very varied (alliteration is fun) and each song is totally different but very great stuff to be found here!  Lunar Tourists is the band:


Im kind of obssesed with these kids from Atlanta right now!


So I just released my debut ep via Ninetofive Records on Spotify: would be cool if you followed "wuudlum" on there and maybe even shared one of my songs. The most popluar song of mine is "pieces". Take a listen and please support if you like it!


Take care ❤️


Dumb Hole, the most immense and "in your face" rock duo to ever have walked the earth..., has just released their debut album and it´s a killer! If you are into alternative/modern rock, post grunge kind of stuff, this is a must!


Check them out:

Is there a way to contact the curators of an individual playlist? I have some music that i'm trying to get on a certain playlist like Lush Vibes and Dreamy vibes. Any suggestion?


here is my new stuff:

chill lofi hihop.



Check out The Town Hall, really good indie rock

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