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Night Club Playlist - Cynosure


Night Club Playlist - Cynosure

Hey everyone!

I'm an EDM producer & DJ under the artist name Cynosure, and I've recently started pushing my artist playlist, "Night Club." I created this playlist originally for myself, scouring Spotify and other music platforms for today's freshest Dance/EDM. A few months in, I realized others would probably be interested in my finds as well. This playlist is a mix of Future House, Progressive House, Bass House, Future Bass, and more.


Night Club is a playlist that is meant to remind us of how we felt being sardined into packed dance clubs before the craziness of 2020. It feels like an eternity ago, however, we will soon be back to the escape of daily monotony that is modern nightlife! Happy listening and stay safe, I need you all alive and well to come to my next EDM show!


Night Club will be updated weekly with fresh new Dance/EDM that pass Cynosure's vibe check.

5 Replies

Hey Cynosure,

Your playlist is amazing, I love your music curation! I was wondering if it's possible to send you some music and to have your support?

Hey David!


Thank you so much for checking out the playlist and following it means a lot! 🙂 Yes! I'm also open to submissions for my playlist and will give honest feedback as a seasoned EDM producer myself. Please remember to share with your friends as well! I'm anxious to hear what you've got.



Hey Cynosure!

That's awesome!!! I already share your playlist with a couple of friends haha I share with you:
- My Spotify profile:
- My song 'Made': I already got the support from Dash Berlin, Darude, Thomas Gold, Feenixpawl, Max Vangeli, and many more:
- My remix 'The Cage': I got the support from Roger Shah, Thomas Gold, Cristoph, Marcus Santoro and many more:
- Tomorrow i'm releasing my second remix:

I would love to hear your thoughts and to have your support!

Happy Holidays 😄

Hey man,


I checked out all of the songs you listed and I have to say that they’re all really well produced! I don’t think I can add them to the playlist, however, since they’re more of a different vibe than I’m going for. The songs are definitely up to quality standards, but I don’t think they’re the right fit. I added “Made” to my personal playlist however! 🙂

Awesome!!! Thanks a lot man!

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