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Non well Known artist


Non well Known artist

This was a playlist that I created during the lockdown in Spain, My idea was to look for different styles, bands, singers with less than 1000 monthly listeners. There a re electronic, folk, indie, synthpop, japanesse..a lot of different styles. 23 different songs, I think you have to give an opportunity to some of this music

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lots of cool songs in there! you should check out this playlist too! its got a real similar vibe of fairly smaller scale artists

Thanks a lot ' I ve started to follow your list. Please follow mine


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Here are some great new not-weel-known bands with songs from 2021.

나는 스트리밍하고 따랐다.
좋은 음악을 추천해 주셔서 감사합니다. ^^

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