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Nostalgic Songs


Nostalgic Songs



There's always one or two songs that completely take you away. That gargantuan yearning for the past. Let's have a look at what those are for you! Feel free to share them down below!



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Not sure if I really "yearn" to go back to high school, but listening to these songs definitly makes me remember my time there 

Dr. Dog- From


Vampire Weekend- Cousins


Indeed, I think we can all agree to put that time behind us... @LionScale

@LionScale oh my yes vampire weekend are so nostalgic for me! saw them at falls festival and it blew my mind 😮


Absolute classics there @Melancholy-me! Just looking at the album covers it took me back 😄

Just thought of another!  

@lukebotham1 that was bloody brilliant live too! really takes me back ❤️

Another one...

I'm exactly the same, all it takes is seeing the album art and I'm back there! lol 🙂

Of course it depends on what creates nostalgia in you, but I have recently finished 2 nieche music palylists who both give me two very different types of nostalgia.

☢FALLOUT TUNES☢, a playlist by Yago Servatius on Spotify
Massive nostalgia for me. 

And some of the best spanish flamenco music:

 SUNNY FLAMENCO, a playlist by Yago Servatius on Spotify

Follow, you will not regret. I always update and take care to hand pick the best stuff. Both are very nieche, not mainstream genres though, they both touch me, being spanish and a massive fallout fan.


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I already posted once, but Three Days Grace is timeless. I remember the very first thing I ever watched on YouTube was the music video for I Hate Everything About You. I haven't heard their music in years and I know every word still

For easier viewing I found out how to integrate the playlists into the posts. Sorry, I am new to the forums.

Fallout Tunes


Sunny Flamenco

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@ChiliJunkie hey there, welcome ^_^ straight out of the blocks with two wonderful playlists!

@LionScale i adore hearing about music that people are passionate about ❤️ warms the cockles of me heart

Thank you so much! I take time to create and curate these, I would love a subscribe on those playlists, if you enjoy that kind of music, that is 🙂

How do I integrate my Spotify Name in a post like you did? With that integrated follow button?
Let me try:



All the best

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@ChiliJunkie already have followed dude!


it looks like this - <a href="spotify:user:YOUR USERNAME">Follow me</a><p>


you need to be a certain rank in the community to post a signature, but your signature html look to be on point:






if you want more information on rank, have a look here.

...and there goes my nostalgia 🙂
Nice picks guys!

Lovely choice @shylajojo!

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