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Nu Disco / Disco House / Funk House


Nu Disco / Disco House / Funk House

Hi ! 


Here's a really cool Nu Disco / Disco House / Funk House playlist if you are interested ! Updated weekly ! Hope you'll like it 🙂 


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Here's a playlist featuring artist that have played at our events and hand picked favorites from big name artists such as GRIZ, AC Salter and Noizu that is going to be updated every 2 weeks with new songs. Hope everyone enjoy!!

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hi Arielle! I love this playlist and thought a new track of mine might fit on it! it's super inspired by Peggy Guo and Chic so just thought I'd throw it out there 🙂

Thanks for the great tunes!!!

Hey, I love your playlist! I think you'll might like my disco house playlist as well 🙂

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