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On The Rocks, on The Rocks please. Double.

On The Rocks, on The Rocks please. Double.

Hello beautiful people! This is my first post and I'm looking to exchange/build my own playlists as I create them with the combined help of your brain meat and sound entrances.


I just started creating playlists but stay tuned and you'll find yourself yet another outlet to find a playlist that hits the spot for wherever you're at in your moment.


I'm into all kinds of music. Currently looking for:

A. Electronic songs with female vocals

B. Some chilled out, funked up,  piano/sax/electronic tunes

C. Music for the gym\\upbeat/heavy/badass// Preferably music that will help you push a barbell through the stratosphere

D. Beautiful home-hitting songs that give you that lump in your throat and make you want to eat the one you love alive {No cunnin/cannibal intended}


E. Songs you belt out in your car or shower when you're alone (because you know darn well you suck at singing at some level but there's that glimmer of hope that keeps you trying) or when you're with your friends on a road trip to your favourite spot. (Shambhala for me ❤️ Happy shams you brilliant individuals)


F. Electronic beats that make you wanna roundhouse kick the chair from underneath yourself and shuffle a moon walk through the air while preparing a positive-vibe kamehameha to launch at your fellow groover across the dance floor. [Dubstep,chill step, inter-dimensional step or whatever the heck step, or lack there, of welcomed]

G. Hip-hop legends. I'm talking about poets who decided to go down this road to express themselves. I don't give two chits about the ones who just talk about mob and call it a day. The works of Slug, eminem, Aesop Rock, Brother Ali, and anyone else that really makes you think about things from a different prespective with brilliantly formulated and executed language is what I'm into.

If any of this resonates with you add me or suggest to me some things (ex. Section A: 'Insert vivrational title here') and I will follow you back.

Spotify: LPhake

8tracks: iPhake

Soundcloud: Phake


May you all be happy today and thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to any and all replies this may get.


Be Happy
This moment is all you have
Give up searching for it and it will find you
Ask and you will receive
You'll see it when you believe
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